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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Connecting with Mother Moon

Tonight is a Full Moon.  Just how in-tune with the energy of the Moon are you?

In the video below, Flora Peterson challenges us to go outside and connect with the Moon for 29 consecutive days.   Although her video was posted in 2009, this powerful exercise can be done anytime. 

Flora, aka CharmingPixieFlora, is a tiny powerhouse bursting with positive energy.  Her website bio lists her as a Teacher, Intuitive Consultant, Certified Life Coach and New Age Practitioner and she has an information-packed YouTube Channel called Flora's Family Footsteps.   Today also happens to be her birthday!

So tonight
I'll anoint myself with the oils of Mabon (the Autumn Equinox) which are Benzoin, Myrrh and Sage, and for the next month I'll step outside to face Mother Moon and focus on embracing her energies.

Who knows, I may even howl.

Happy Birthday Flora!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Create Your Own Video Channel on YouTube

If you haven't created your own video channel on YouTube, what are you waiting for?  It's free, easy and a great way to showcase your products, services and bring attention to your business.   You could even create a channel just for family and friends to watch if you want nothing more than to show the folks back home your new baby.

My Channel
I created a channel for The Fragrant Muse last week with the goal of offering video tutorials, commentaries, product reviews and whatever else Musie and I dream up to boost your relationship with essential oils and encourage personal creativity.    The name of my channel is "Discover Your Fragrant Muse".  

As will happen when people get their hands on a video camera, you'll find no shortage of ridiculousness, obnoxiousness, amateur attempts at fame and just plain crap on YouTube, but there are also a good many videos that are educational and entertaining.  Why shouldn't yours be included?

What Video Camera to Use?
My challenge has been choosing a camera that gives good quality images, good audio, and still allows me to pay my son's college tuition.    I did find some good advice here.    Because I'm  excited to begin and somewhat overwhelmed with all the choices and options, I bought a Flip Mino HD (2nd generation).   Although the Flip wasn't my first choice after watching this review by Jon Paula,  I bought one anyway because it felt safe.   Jon named better starting video cameras in his Camera Buying Guide video.  I know that as my understanding of video technology matures, so will my equipment.  Or not.  Who knows, maybe I'll end up liking the Flip.

Signing Up
You can find very good step-by-step instructions for signing up for your channel on this EHow page.   If you look on the right sidebar of this page, you'll see other helpful ehow posts on being a Channel owner.

When you create your account, that will be the name of your channel.  If I had opened my account under Liz Fulcher I would now have "Liz Fulcher's Channel".  Instead, my account is under The Fragrant Muse so my channel is "The Fragrant Muse's Channel".   You might not want "PrettyBoy123" as your channel name.

Getting a Banner
To get your own header, you must first be a YouTube Partner.  This happens after you've produced a certain number of videos and have many subscribers.   It's a goal to work toward.

For now, just get your face out there...and let me know when that happens so I can stop by and subscribe.  And don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fragrant Muse Gets a New Look. Finally!

My naked blog has finally gotten dressed.   Indeed, embellished with a beautiful party dress fit for all manner of fragrant musings and creative mutterings.  I love it!

The new banner was created by the very talented Stacy of the blog Pandora's Compass: Living Life with the Lid Off with minimal instruction from me.  

Stacy chose my Jasmine Muse SoulCollage© Card from my collection on Flickr then allowed her own creative instincts to flow and designed a header that she felt matched my energy and my blog message:  inspire your imagination (creativity) and enchant your senses (essential oils).

It is perfect.  Thank you Stacy!