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Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm still here (and there and there and there)

I fear my blog's feelings my be hurt.  Real life has been large and in charge these days and I fear I can't give bloggy my undivided attention just now.  I'm hoping she'll forgive me. 

I guess that's the cycle of things.  Ebb and Flow and all that.

2010 is turning out to be the year of Epic Aromatherapy Education.   Here's my travel/class agenda so far:

January: Florida 3 day workshop - Chemical Component Blending
February: Florida 5 days - Advanced Graduate Aromatherapy Program
March:  Florida 5 days - continuation from February
April:  Florida 5 days - Advanced Teacher Training
May:  NY 5 days - participate in Aromatherapy Certification Program as part of my Advanced Teacher Training (I'll be offering this class through my own aromatherapy school in the Spring of 2011)
June:  NY 5 days - continuation of May class
July:  NY 5 days - continuation of May/June classes
July:  NY 3 day workshop - Aromatic Blending.  This one I'm taking as fun play weekend with my husband!

In addition I've been doing case studies, working on taking Liz's Garden Aromatherapy to a new level with branding and building a web presence.  And now I'm in the process of creating an aromatherapy school.  I'm working on a name for it and welcome ideas.

And, of course, life marches on around me.  Our precious Bean visits every weekend and we do things like go sledding, throw stones and just be in the moment.  My massage practice supports my education habit and once in a while I remind James that he has a wife by cooking a nice meal or going on restful retreats.    I try to keep my own inner child alive by working on my soulcollage(r) cards and my artjournal.

Fragrant Fridays will still appear (when you least expect it) and I'll continue to share all my experiences along the way. 

So please be patient dear blog and all my wonderful readers if I don't post and don't comment everyday.  I'm still here and still reading, enjoying and being nourished by your wonderful blogs.

And I don't remember when I've been happier.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bean's First Sledding Adventure

"Are you ready, Bean?"
"Yep, I'm ready Pap!"

"Okay buddy, give Nana a minute to flounder in the snow get to the
bottom of the hill with her camera."
"aaaand we're off!"
"Uh, Nana, you might wanna move out of the way..."
 "You want me to WHAT?"
"Okay, Bean, I'll carry you up the hill."
Who could say NO to this face?
And Finally....
Bean's face in this picture, taken on their second run, 
pretty well sums up his opinion of sledding.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Memory of Alex

Dear friends just lost their 17-year old son in a car accident. He was a great kid and a nationally ranked swimmer. He was YMCA State Champion, YMCA Nationals Finalist for two years in a row and a Nationals Participant since 8th grade. Alex enjoyed hunting, fishing, motocross, snowboarding, skate boarding, BMX bikes, mountain biking, golf and photography and had a personality as big as life. He was charismatic and loved by everyone who knew him.

He wasn't wearing his seatbelt. His girlfriend was and walked out of the hospital. Please take 90 seconds to watch this short, powerful video.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rest, Renewal and Delight

James and I spent a tranquil weekend in this little building at The Hartman Center in Milroy, PA where we attended a Peaceful Weekend Retreat.  The retreat was designed to follow nature's lead into stillness, quiet and inner reflection.  There were fourteen participants.
Much of the weekend was spent in this common room in meditation, yoga stretches and gentle Qi Gong movements.  The yoga just about did James in.  He tried one session then opted to walk in the woods which is more his style of 'yoga' anyway.  I surprised myself by being able to sit relatively still for the meditations. 
We spent considerable time gazing silently out the window at this restful winter perspective, connecting with trees, snow, shadows and the few critters that would briefly show themselves.
There were contemplative art activities which we did as a group and there was free time for me to play in my art journal.  There was one activity that I found insightful.  We walked around a table covered with photographs of winter.  We were to choose the picture that we felt drawn to.  I chose a snowman with spruce "hair" and bits of tree in it's "hand".  I've been examining my playful nature and whether it gets in the way of teaching.  From this photo, I got the message that it's okay for the plants and I to be playful in the classroom on our journey of teaching about essential oils.
Art Journal Peaceful Retreat 02
Art Journal Peaceful Practices Retreat01

Each evening from 9 p.m. until 9 a.m. we were in Noble Silence.  No speaking, no gesturing, no eye contact with the other participants.   James teased me that I would probably burst after one hour.  I did okay until Sunday morning when I began chatting with James at the breakfast table.   He just looked at me, amused.  I suddenly remembered and clasped my hands over my mouth.  My intentions were noble, if not my actions :-)   Within a short time, Jen, Joleen, James and I began to get squirrely at which point we disintegrated into the Noble Silence Rebels.
We ate all vegetarian, gluten-free, organic and very delicious
meals in this restful dining room
It was good to be away from cell phones, computers, TV and other outside influences that bombard us daily, removing us from ourselves. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where Do I Wish to Make a Difference?

Every Wednesday, LifeCoach Jamie Ridler asks one probing question which is designed to encourage inner work.    Truth be told, I first participated in this exercise as a way to fill my blog when I didn't have anything particular to write about.   But what started out as mere activity as evolved into examination.   Jamie's questions have become powerful prompts for me to look deeper into myself and answer important questions about my life.   It has been a surprising adventure and many things I've "wishcasted" have manifested in real life!  

Today Jamie asks us where we wish to make a difference:

I wish to make a difference in the lives of my children by loving them unconditionally and encouraging them to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.  For years I considered myself a selfish mother because I chose to follow my passions rather than being a traditional, stay-at-home mom or the type of mom who was there everyday when they get home from school.   My wish is that my boys have been raised by a living example of following your bliss and they will do the same.

2. I wish that anyone who sits in my classroom is transformed in their knowledge and enthusiasm for essential oils.  
I wish to make a difference in the lives of my aromatherapy students by keeping my own knowledge and passion fresh and by being my authentic self.    I sometimes worry that my playful nature will get in the way of being taken seriously as an educator.  But I simply can't be any other way.   I am a high energy merrymaker who happens to adore everything about essential oils from the scientific to the vibrational.  I love it all and my wish is that my passion be passed on to my students.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanted: One bottle of Braino, for help with clogged brains

Wouldn't it be great if there existed a concentrated cleaner to unclog a backed up brain? Something yummy to mix in hot water (or glass of wine), gulp down then wait 15 minutes while it dissolves the build up of mental debris that clogs creativity.

My brain has a heavy build up of debris from FAFSA forms, tax papers, bills, vet appointments, travel details, emails to return, spring class curriculum to write, homework assignments, grocery lists, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum.     

I just need to unclog the goop and let the inspiration flow.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday: Where do I wish to travel?

Where do you wish to travel?

 French lavender fields
photo courtesy of Aromahead.com

It is snowing heavily here in central Pennsylvania and I can't think of a better day to cast a wish to two, especially about travel.

For a long time I have dreamed of traveling to France, Corsica and southern Italy to see the transformation of Lavender, Helichryum and Bergamot plant materials into the exquisite essential oils I adore. 

Meeting the oil distillers and experiencing their work first hand would be a wonderful life experience as well as a contribution to my work as an essential oil educator. 

I will get there one day.  I will, I will, I will.

Helichrysum distillation in Corsica
 Bergamot distillation in Italy
photo courtesy of Aromahead.com
Lavender distillation in France
photo courtesy of Aromahead.com

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Checking In

The library closes in 16 minutes. I'd better type fast.

After two days of heavy rain and dark skies, the sun finally made an appearance this afternoon.  Okay, so maybe the sun does shine in Florida after all.  I was beginning to think it was a myth.

Day one of the Advanced Graduate Aromatherapy Class was chock full of chemistry, and my brain is now begging for some stupid time watching the tv or some other mindless activity.  There's an interesting variety of students in this class and I look forward to getting to know everyone much better in the four remaining days.

Tomorrow we begin to play making lotions and potions...stay tuned!