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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanted: One bottle of Braino, for help with clogged brains

Wouldn't it be great if there existed a concentrated cleaner to unclog a backed up brain? Something yummy to mix in hot water (or glass of wine), gulp down then wait 15 minutes while it dissolves the build up of mental debris that clogs creativity.

My brain has a heavy build up of debris from FAFSA forms, tax papers, bills, vet appointments, travel details, emails to return, spring class curriculum to write, homework assignments, grocery lists, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum.     

I just need to unclog the goop and let the inspiration flow.  


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I totally buy some of that stuff.

And just reading the word FAFSA makes my stomach turn. I HATED doing all of that paperwork!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Please ignore the grammatical error above. Apparently I need some Braino.

marinik said...

ughhhhh i'm totally on this with you, sometimes and only sometimes a nice hike into nature helps me..give it a try :)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I am right there with you! Is there an herb that can help with this!
The image is helping me - nice visual!

Nanodance said...

This is a much needed product! I need it anyway.

MagnificentDebra said...

Chuckle Chuckle, love your new word..sounds like Braino would be a very popular product. I just got back from the post office mailing off my taxes to our accountant so that I can finish FAFSA by March 1st. So yes, I'm with you on the overload... I'm going to meditate...love my Awakened Mind System CD...it works when that busy chatter just won't go away.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

If you ever find it, ship me a bottle please. Lol!

smith kaich jones said...

OH. A day that saw me crying big gulping tears because Blogger messed up my blog for a while - yes, that's how clogged my brain is - I can take no more, no matter how small the "more" may be.

Name your price. And if it includes running away, all the better.


Jeanne Klaver said...

Okay...this is just TOO funny! :))

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Ive heard of Draino, which I wouldnt take LOL, but Braino we could all do with some of that along with more hours in the day.
I am having a great morning blogging and found you . You remind me of my DD Julia, her blog is verdigrisrose.
Bye be back soon.