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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Chesterfield Ad

This Chesterfield advertisement has hung on the wall of every home I've lived in.  It's been woven into the fabric of my domestic life like a favorite cushion or set of dishes that's always been there. 

The poster is more than just a cool vintage collectible and has a unique significance for me.  The handsome model is my father.  This particular ad appeared on page 66 of Life Magazine on June 29, 1942 when he was just 25.  He posed for other Chesterfield ads that year which appeared in Popular Mechanics, Colliers and Good Housekeeping as well as billboards alongside the road.

Today is my father's birthday and he would have been 93.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Interviews by Julochka of Moments of Perfect Clarity

Julochka of the magnificent blog Moments of Perfect Clarity has been interviewing other bloggers -  specifically her readers - for the past month.   She sent her interviewees a list of questions then posted their responses on her blog.   Today's interview is with yours truly.

In looking over her collection of  interviews, I see a beautiful blogging patchwork, and I can't help but marvel how the blogosphere affords us the opportunity to know amazing and fascinating people that would otherwise be lost to us.  

What I found surprisingly (and utterly delightful) was the unexpected nature of her questions.  Instead of covering topics on my fragrant life, she asked things like "where do you go to unwind?" and "what do you miss about Italy?".

If you want to read more, go here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Falling into Place

A deceivingly simple, yet profound message.  You'll want sound for this. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What do I wish for my Creativity?

 Liz creates

Today at Jamie Ridler Studios, the topic is creativity.

In the past year I've ruminated on the concept of essential oils being a catalyst for personal creativity.   That they support physical, emotional and mental health, is well-known and scientifically documented.  But what about supporting spiritual health?  Specifically,  personal creativity. 

Can essential oils be a catalyst for creative expression?  I say an emphatic YES!
I firmly believe that essential oils can influence and support not only creativity, but also intuition, motivation and the occasional flashes of genius! 

In my
own life, essential oils have inspired me to design healing blends, create an essential oil company and manifest educational programs on their unlimited uses.  Aromatics were the spark that ignited my Aromatic SoulCollage® series and the same energetic force that that propelled me into the blogosphere, giving life to The Fragrant Muse.  

To answer Jamie's question "what do you wish for your creativity"...

I wish to continue expanding this concept of aromatics bolstering the creative mind.   I have an idea for an educational program specifically on how to use essential oils to stimulate personal creativity.  And here we go again...my creative juices are flowing!