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Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting 2011: My Ten Core Values. Repost with Yours!


After reading this post from Donna Maria's Indie Business Blog, I felt inspired to write my own list of personal core values.  Identifying your deepest values can give you a "life-direction compass"and help you determine if you're on the right path or way off.  If you're spending time and energy on activities that are not in alignment with your list of core values, you'll end up feeling burned out, resentful and exhausted.

What are personal core values?  A value is a principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.  In a nutshell, what you hold important in your life. 

How about doing a repost with your list of personal values?   Declaring them a good way to get clear about what you hold important - especially if you're setting goals for the New Year. 

MyVisionPortal.com gives a good Personal Core Value List which you may find helpful if you need some guidance in finding out what your personal values are.     Many people don't know because they've never thought about it.  That's okay.  It's never to late to learn.
  1. Gratitude to my Higher Power.  Without gratitude to my Higher Power (Spirit, God, Goddess, Grandfather) nothing has meaning and the door to abundance and good would slam in my face.  How can you have more when you don't appreciate what you already have?  Stop right now, look around the room and quickly list 10 things you're grateful for that you've been taking for granted like electricity, your vision, your spine, your computer, light from the sun, etc.
  2. Family.  I need to belong to a tribe.  It doesn't have to be huge like my Italian friends have with their 30-something cousins and aunts and uncles, but without my husband, my sons, my grandson, my mother, even my pets, my life would have an unbearable void at the center. My family is my sun around which everything in my life revolves.
  3. Creativity.  I can't not be creative.  I have to inject creativity into everything I do.   If I were trapped in a cave (*shudder*) and waiting for release, no doubt I'd pass the time building dirt snowmen, stacking rocks in patterns or painting on the walls with bat guano.  Creativity is my breath and without it, life would be dull dull dull.
  4. Independence.   I spent the first half of my adult life working for "the man" and the other half working for myself.   There is no comparison to the freedom I feel working at what I love on my own terms.   I don't have to wait for a vacation day or settle for the income they decide my work is worth. Being self-employed is hard work to be sure, but so very rewarding.
  5. Humor and Playfulness.  This heading could also have been "Honoring My Inner Child" Most people I meet take themselves and life waaaay too seriously.  I find humor in my classroom helps learning and makes the day fun no matter what we're studying.   When was the last time you did something playful, spontaneous and utterly ridiculous?  Go on, dance in your front yard today in celebration of the New Year.  Who cares what the neighbors say.  They'll be peering from behind the curtains wishing they had the courage to be so free.
  6. Achievement. I have to agree with Donna Maria on this one.  Setting goals and achieving them are addicting.  I love the validation of kudos from colleagues and family and I love the feeling of obtaining something I set my sights on.  Even if I miss my mark, I usually get something else equally cool or better!
  7. Passion.  Yet another that Donna Maria and I have in common.  If you are living a life without passion for what you are doing - work, education, service - you must stop and begin to do the thing that makes you jump out of bed in the morning with excitement and sets you on fire!
  8. Learning.   Education and learning can come in many forms, from formal schooling to taking online classes to simply keeping a journal to increase awareness of yourself.   When we stop learning, we stop growing.

    There are others, but these were the main ones I wanted to share with you today.

    Now, I'd love to read YOUR list of Core Values!


d smith kaich jones said...

this is good. really good. i may do it/probably will do it when i get time. i am late, as usual, getting out the door this morning. and i would be with you in that cave, painting those walls. and it would be fun. :)


Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Oh Deb, Awww shucks. You just tryig to appeal to my #6, aren't you? :-)

Take your time, but do post your list. I'd love to read it...and I bet it will be similar to mine :-)

Happy New Year! Liz xo

Holly said...

Dear Musey....I will do this at some point when my brain has time to process it. Somehow this feels like holy work and not to be taken lightly.

I wanted to wish you a blessed new year and tell you how much I learn from you and with you. You're one of those who has become important to me.

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

hi liz, i so need this right now as i grow/go through more transitions...to ground myself in my Self values...thank you, i'll post and let you know!


Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

This is a wonderful idea. It may be a while before I can flesh it out. (Starting a new job!)

I do have three values I keep close to my heart now: creative, spiritual, joyful. That's why I'm starting a new job. The old one wasn't aligned.

Deb said...

Have to agree with Holly's 'holy work' comment...loved reading your writing so much today. Got a good chuckle out of the image of your cave drawing. Love, love love your passion Liz.

karen anne said...


When I embody these qualities more often rather than less, gratitude, grace, and good humor follow.

spudballoo said...

Happy New Year dearest fragrant one! I love your list, and they strike so many chords in me. Playfulness is a quality often overlooked, I think we could all do better to unleash our Inner Silly ;-)

I have been burning the blog camp blend non stop for a week now. I think I might be addicted! I unearthed an oil burner in our house move a few weeks back and the creativity of blog camp is just what I need right now.

Hugs to you lovely friend xxx

Sophie Lise > IndigoMuse said...
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indigomuse said...

Integrity – doing my best, being true to my own standards of excellence, not being less-than for someone else’s agenda – collaborating with people of integrity, responsibility and influence.

Authenticity and Honesty – staying true to my authentic self with my words and behaviors, being honest from a place of compassion. Leading by example even when I'm out there alone, believing my own intuition, and expressing my own voice, even (especially) in the face of dissent or disagreement.

Intelligence and Wisdom – I love the intelligence of humans, seeing in someone’s eyes when a new idea has popped into their heads, or a sudden profound understanding of something previously evasive; I love language, well spoken, well written, and most certainly well spelled! I love the wisdom that comes with living live, I love the intuitive wisdom of children and animals, and how their intelligence is carried so deeply in their hearts.

Collaboration and Accomplishment – I must have purpose, I must have goals, I must have a sense of achievement, even if it’s ticking off my list everything I had to do in one day - I use a big black Sharpie to mark the list, ahhh, such satisfaction! I love the art of collaboration, when a project comes together because of the sum of its parts, a team working together towards a singular excellent goal – I love the strategic discussion as well as the tactical doing – I love the setbacks and challenges which make us think differently – and the celebrations along the way.

Anne-Marie said...

I am a big fan of value defining exercises! I totally agree that they help to really see if you're reaching your goals. Family, passion and achievement are on my list too!

Janet Whitehead said...

Liz, I've just spent time exploring your site and your blog...and well, it's all brilliant! Thank you!

Jennifer (SoulFullPlay) said...

Ooh I love your blog! I'm excited to have found it. I'm new to the blogsphere- do you have a place I can subscribe to your posts and receive them or a notice of them in an email?

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Beautiful page !
Love the images you choose.
Happy Valentine Day :)