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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Throwing Muddy Stones into Icy Water

Last fall I wrote this post about taking The Bean to the Susquehanna River where we ended up in a fever of rock pitching.   During a recent cold weekend with too much time spent in the house, I suggested we bundle up our little man and take him to the now-icy river bank and try it again.

No need to give this child instructions.
    The minute we reached the river, he bent down
and picked up a muddy rock.
James began skipping flat stones
(Note he's wearing his Cifelli Hat to which he's added feathers)
Some things don't change with age.


Wendy said...

LOVE it!!! :)

MagnificentDebra said...

Great shot of James' skipped stone! Wow! The Bean is of course too adorable. Love the rosy red cheeks. Want to kiss them. Here, Mwwah! Please pass on.

smith kaich jones said...

This is adorable - HE is adorable - and I love the feather adornment, but !!!!!! Dang! It looks COLD, girl! LOL!

:) Debi