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Monday, April 5, 2010

Some things I learned this Easter

Here are a few surprising lessons I learned over the Easter weekend:

Having a spontaneous picnic on the trampoline is awesome

 This boy is going to know more outdoor survival skills by the time he's eight than most men learn in a lifetime.

My husband can sit on his haunches for a really long time.
Throwing rocks in water never gets old.  Ever.
(The proof is here and here).

And my husband can even perch from a rock on his haunches.
2 1/2 year olds have a lot to say that's worth listening to.

Singing puppet sheep are fun to watch...
no matter how old you are.
If a group of parents are standing in a parking lot waiting while two slow teenagers hide the eggs,
only one adult (guess who?) thinks to run up and offer help.
Egg hunting encourages competition at an early age.
I'm not sure I like it.

Don't wear sandals in a dry thorny pasture
unless you want stickers in your feet.

Live in the moment.
Eat the chocolate you've got before hunting for more.
Walking on a railroad bridge is loads of fun.

There's a thrill of finding a treasure
when you come upon a couple of old railroad spikes.


Lola said...

It looks like it was an absolutely glorious weekend!!

Wendy said...

The simplest of lessons often bring the most joy. Thank you for sharing your lessons, Liz. My favorite is the one where the Bean is imparting his wisdom to the student... Pap.

Deb said...

You're a born photo-journalist. I love your weekends with the Bean. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. How brave you are to post your not so perfect hair-color and comment on it too! On second thought...why...are you paying penance? Did the Easter Bunny arrive with gloves? Blessings!

Jeanne Klaver said...

What a day—so full of memories and wisdom.