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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Mud" by The Bean

Nana and Pap like to take me for walks on Sunday afternoon. 
Nana thinks its funny when I'm on Pap's shoulders,
'cause it looks like I have a tail.

My Pap knows a lot about plants and teaches me 'bout ones I can eat
and ones I shouldn't touch.  
Here he's teachin' me 'bout pois'nivy. 
"Leaves of three, let them be" he says.

We like to go down to the river and walk on this one tree that goes
waaaaay out over the water.
It's a little scary but I like it.
Pap almost fell out of the tree once and Nana laughed real hard.

Sassy our Pug always comes with us on walks.
Nana says she's a "cream puff" but she's part of the family, too.
I never saw a dog climb a tree before.

Pap likes to hold me and talk about what we see like
clouds and water and birds and stuff.
Nana calls him "flosofer". 

I love my Pap.  Nana says he's "earfy" and "grounding".
  I don't know what that means but I feel safe when he holds me.

Nana wanted to get closer to the water for pitchers (she's always takin' pitchers!)
She took off her shoes and walked in the mud.

This made Pap and me laugh.

I wanted to get in the mud too.

And the water.

It feels funny when it squishes 'tween my toes.

Sassy went kinda nuts in the water and Nana kept calling her "mudball"

I fell down.  Then I fell down again.
Falling down was fun!  I was swimmin' in the river!

Nana told Pap "that's enough he'll get 'monia".
She made me get out of my wet clothes and told Pap to take off his shirt and wrap me up.
It was warm and smelled good, like Pap.

I like having adventures with Nana and Pap.
You never know what's gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are priceless, especially the ones with paps on the tree. Absolutely beautiful :0)

HeatherScent said...

What a great post! There is such a special bond between a boy & his grandpa. My son is best buddies with my father.

faerwillow said...

~nana...that is what i called my great grandma and what my boys call their grandma now! this post warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes...moments he will always remeber with his pap and nana..."flosophy" he will carry within him as he grows...such a beautiful day captured...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

ps...he is such a sweetpea♥

Deb said...

Oh, oh, oh! Too wonderful! The photos, the story, the love and laughter and life are so real and wonderful. So glad I got to go on this Sunday walk with you too!

B said...

Hi Bean! :)
What a fun day!

Stacy said...

OH muddy SASSY! She is so, so cute!