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Sunday, June 6, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

In January of this year I began what was initially an exciting three months of stimulating new experiences.  I signed up for a series of aromatherapy classes in new and distant cities.

This fresh slice of life thrilled me to bits because my adventures included everything I adore:  working with essential oils, meeting new people, flying and driving to unknown cities,  leasing cars with state-of-the-art gadgets, renting adorable cottages and - most importantly - flooding my thirsty brain with new knowledge.    At one point I added even more classes which meant increased travel, increased expenses and increased time away from home. 

And it's taken its toll on my well-being.

Somewhere in the thrill of new experience and seeking higher knowledge, I began to lose myself and my balance.   I have a lot of increased wisdom to be sure, but the most valuable lesson has been that it's possible to have too much of a good thing.

I've been away one week every month since January.  For some that might not seem like much, but for me that's a lot of time away.   This has translated into less focus on my loved ones, overloading my massage schedule when I am home and packing more into each hour of each day.  Worse, my creative soul-nourishing activities have been neglected:  writing, blogging (only 40 posts since January!), Fragrant Fridays, art journaling, soulcollage and time spent just dreaming.  Never underestimate the value of "goofing off" "puttering" and "doing nothing in particular".

Yep.  When staying in a gorgeous lake cottage like this isn't nearly as interesting as
moments like this,

then it's time to be home.

So today, I'm putting an end to busy.  I've invited my inner child for a visit and we're doing nothing in particular.  At home. 

Where, it turns out, we like it best.


smith kaich jones said...

Liz - Yes, yes, yes. Do nothing for a bit. This weekend I did nothing, and am still doing nothing. It is the first weekend in forever that I have looked at this messy house & not cared - just kicked back and read pulp fiction & trash.

You are due. Have fun. Recharge.


Stacey said...

Welcome back, LadyBug! Hope you enjoy your trips abroad by being more centered and aware of what you love about home! God Bless!

Sandra said...

I guess our minds are in the same place. The difference is, I never leave home and am too busy and you need to stay home to be less busy. I would not mind staying in that lakeside cottage!

karen anne said...

There's a reason my husband calls me Mrs. Puttersworth...I've raised puttering to a whole new level. I never EVER get pooped from a good putter...Enjoy yours!