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Monday, November 1, 2010

Climbing the Emma Tree

Emma Tree Blog
In the 18 months I've been traversing the blogging world, one unexpected delight has been meeting and making friends with talented writers, artists and the most fascinating creative people.  D. Smith Kaich Jones of Emma Tree: Tales of Art and Anxiety is one of those folks.  Debi writes of experiences of daily life and describes them in such a rich and exquisite way that you can't help but connect and get what she says as well as feel understood, yourself.  I stop there for a visit when I need to refill my inspirational cup.

This is her poetic description of living in East Texas
"It is not Paris. 
It is not Morocco. 
It is not even Oregon or New Mexico. 
It is here, it is Texas, and even then, it is not West Texas,
it is Northeast Texas,
a church on every corner and a taqueria on every block,
feeding your soul and feeding your belly."

Debi's writing talents have earned her three articles in an Authentic Living series for Somerset Magazine and a place in the the Autumn issue of Artful Blogging: Visually Inspiring Online Journals.  Both magazines are published by Stampington & Co: Arts and Co, your one stop shop for creativity. 

I have many favorite posts by Debi, but below are three I wanted to share:
Night Spring where she writes about her beloved cat Maggie, that we all fell in love with
Empty House, Full Heart After Maggie's passing (still makes me cry)
Sign Day  All women should read this one!


smith kaich jones said...

Oh Liz. I was up early this morning and suddenly found myself everywhere. I cannot stop crying, so forgive me. Thank you so much. The friendships forged here through this blogging world are friendships of the heart. So true and so real.

Thank you for posting the links to tales about Maggie, although I am no blubbering quite badly and have just used my last Kleenex.

Bless you.
And thank you again.

winnsangels said...

Sigh. Debi and Maggie. Thanks for sharing these extra special memories.

Deb said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! I was thrilled to see her featured in Artful Blogging too! Off to tell her so! Blessings Liz

ELK said...

so lovely to include the links about the special maggie..a wonderful tribute Liz!!

beth said...

isn't she just so loved today....well, and everyday for that matter....

and her maggie....so special in her heart that's repairing itself daily....

Amy said...

Oh, Liz, I *love* it. What a wonderful way to celebrate Debi and show others how special she is all at the same time. Thank you so much. ♥

mrs mediocrity said...

we couldn't celebrate debi without also celebrating maggie...lovely.

Jeannine said...

So lovely! I love how this party introduced me to new blogging friends too ... hello!

Deborah Carr said...

So sweet of you to remember and remind and revisit some of Deb's wonderful posts.

Mari said...

Hey Liz, I've missed so much :)
but I'm back and in a new corner, come by and say hi, hope all is well with you and your family

Karen D said...

I love Deb's writing also, I met you while taking Susannah Conway
s Unravelling class.