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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Inspires You to Write?

The Fragrant Muse blog was born in April of 2009 with no particular purpose other than to put my many thoughts and interests into writing.

Initially, blogging was like falling in love.  I jumped out of bed in the morning anxious to create and share stories of the world around me.  My writing came easily, was spontaneous and fluid.  My mind was full of post ideas.   I began making friends, following blogs, having followers and a new creative community began to form around me.  I was enamoured with the whole blogging experience.

In the past few months, this glow has faded a bit.  Recently, when a friend remarked, "Your blog is getting boring", I was taken aback, but also felt the truth in her words.  I haven't felt inspired to write.

Upon reflection, the shift occurred when I began putting restrictions on my posts and blog content after reading gobs of material on "how to build a better blog."  I bought books, magazines and read loads of web material on how to be a better blogger.  I subscribed to CopyBlogger and ProBlogger to learn what makes a blog readable and interesting.
One message I found over and over was "keep your blog uncluttered and tightly focused on one subject."  Since my primary personal and professional passion is essential oils, I decided to keep my blog limited to aromatherapy-related posts. 

I began to de-clutter my blog by eliminating such topics as The Bean (my grandson), art journaling, massage, Sassy the pug, my fairy garden, miniatures, my family and random day-in-the-life-of-Liz stuff.  And you know what?  I miss writing about these things that color my world so vibrantly!   I've considered a second blog for all my non-aromatherapy interests - and I may someday - but for now, the idea of maintaining two blogs feels daunting.

So I'm going to go back to writing about all my interests and pull from my creative right brain.  I'm going to post on everything that interests me and inspires me; everything that makes The Fragrant Muse who she is.  Certainly, essential oils will still be my main focus, because that is also the case in my life; however, I'll also include a generous sprinkling of other shiny bits of my life.

I'll save my rational left brain for paying the bills and doing my taxes.

Because the truth of the matter is this:   My world and all that fills it is multi-faceted with many interests and I love sharing my life and all that colors it.  If I lose followers or folks find The Fragrant Muse too random then this is what I have to say:


Paula said...

Actually, what was missing from those instructions on blogging was that you do have share not just the ideas and info on your field of expertise (i.e. aromatherapy) but that you also want to share part of who you are, your life, so that we can have a reason to care about the other stuff. It's that Know, Like, and Trust factor.

So Bean and fairies and all the rest, do belong...just in small doses...as the backdrop for who you are and what you know. Plus, obviously for the FUN FACTOR!

Carmen said...


I have been struggling with the same idea . . . should I only have my blog focus on one thing the creative process . . . or can it still be me! And what I found is that my productivity DROPS so far down when I try and just have it be one topic because it is just a piece of who and what I am ~ do I go and look for blogs about a specific topic, yes BUT I only stay with them if they are interesting and I think that the person is being authentic and not just creating a sterilized web persona ~ when I feel a personal connection I tend to be more loyal to the blog, so to speak.

Besides! The reason I found you was your fairy garden and Bean! You have to keep them around :-) The art journals inspire me ~ and I love my lavender oil . . . how could I ever pick just one??

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Paula: Well said! I love the way you call it "the backdrop for who you are"! And, of course, the fun factor. What is life if we don't play a little? (Especially since my inner child is nine-years-old). Excellent advice - thank you my dear Muse!

Carmen: Fascinating that you are struggling with this concept as well. You see how your productivity drops when you leave out a part of your persona? It's the complete picture that makes up who you are. And you are so right about the trust factor. And yes, I remember the first comment I got from you was in May 2009 after my post called "Fairies in the Garden"! Yay for fairies!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're going to be you...all of you!! We love all of you. :) I didn't find your blog boring but I definitely love hearing about the ins and outs of daily life along with the more focused stuff.

Amy said...

I have way too many blogs to keep up with sometimes, and I think, like you said, sometimes all my interests seem to interweave. I probably should just write on one blog with all my interests, probably my this crazy life blog, since all my interests help to keep my life crazy! Like you and others said, you need to share who you are and maybe that is what is missing from my blogs. There are too many missing pieces in each of them. Thanks for posting about this. You've given me something to think about!

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Ah, the universal blogger question!

I'm with you that it is hard to separate the other parts of you and stick to a tight theme.

I think if you have the main recipe of aromatherapy and use the other stuff as a garnish to spice it up and add flavor, you'll be inspired to keep writing and we'll be inspired to keep reading.

Deb said...

Yes! And...you are wonderful! Blessings Liz!

smith kaich jones said...

oh girl! you speak truth and to my heart. i HATE (yes, hate, and i shall blog about this hatred some day) the how tos and what not to dos. hate! all the magic and fun goes away when you follow all the rules and i am all for breaking rules and trespassing and giggling out loud when i'm not supposed to. let's start a movement!!!

yayyy!!!! for you!!!!!

Elaine said...

Liz, so good to talk with you! I am entering the blog world soon; was very interested in this post. If that is what the "instructions" say to have a successful blog--OH WELL! There is no way with the wanderings of my brain it will not be a mis-mash...but I don't see it as "wrong". Maybe I could pick your brain on other "blogger tips"! Love your work.

Stacy said...

I love this! I am having a bit of a dry spell (again) with the blogging. Even with keeping up with you guys. I feel like sometimes all I have the energy for is tuning into Facebook and getting the brief overview. I'm with you. We are multifaceted and yuk on the left brain :-)
And banish the thought of not putting posts about Sassy :-)