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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Musings

I haven't made a list in ages and since my mind is all over the place this morning, I thought a brain drain was in order.

1.  I know it's worthless to complain about the weather, but really, snow in October?  That's the Friday forecast for central Pennsylvania.  I brought my fairies in yesterday so they wouldn't freeze their tiny hineys in those skimpy outfits.

  (Click on the picture and you'll see the three girls
in the back are clearly having a chat.)

Why does my Follower icon keep disappearing and coming back?

3My friend from Recovery from a Life not Lived recently made a lovely banner that she made in Picasa.  I've been dying to have a blog banner with photos and found this great tutorial.   Now who can give me two extra hours in my day to create it?  Better yet, who wants to come to my house and just do it for me?  Can I tempt anyone with a nice foot rub afterward?

4. Janet has inspired me to make tags.   A trip to Michaels yesterday rendered a bag of white tags and Tim Holtz ink.  He has some good product demos here.  As you can see, he likes tags too.

5. This week I booked an Art Journaling class at the Mt. Nittany Institute to be held on April 17th, 2010.  I don't know what I love teaching more, aromatherapy or art journaling. 

6. On the same topic, I just got Diana Trout's new book Journal Spilling
and can't wait to try some of her techniques this weekend.  Especially the watercolor pages.  I love the look of watercolor, but am timid with it since I'm a herky-jerky painter, tending to throw acrylic paint all over the page (and the floor and the walls and up my nose).  I've always thought watercolor required a quiet hand and delicate little strokes done by calm people.  Her book has inspired me to make friends with this beautiful medium. 

7. My girlfriend Tami just returned from Morocco and brought me these rocks because I was born there.  She also brought me this bracelet from Tangiers.

8.  I'm enjoying my Joy Diet group immensely and loving the book.  I was afraid I wouldn't have time to commit to the project with my busy schedule but have discovered that working on one simple but powerful  chapter each week is totally do-able.  I'm meeting interesting bloggers and having new insights into myself.

9. I've been listening to an audiobook that I don't want to end - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  If you ever purchase this CD, be sure to get the version with Kate Burton (Richard's daughter) narrating.  She brings the characters to life.

10.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I've given myself the day off.  My first since July.  My husband is also free and we plan on having a play day with lots of sleeping in, eating out and creativity in the form of pottery (him), art journaling and tag-making (me).


Holly said...

I love your brain being all over the place because I got to learn all sorts of wonderful things! I'll be back to this one a couple of times today.

Birthday huh? Wow.....

AmyK said...

I love your fairies. I had a sign in my herb garden that said "Save room in your garden for the fairies to dance". Yours are precious. Who would have thought rocks could be a perfect gift? They are. I enjoyed yours musings. Do it again, OK?

Janet said...

ooohh! love your treasures from Morocco! can't wait to see what you do with your tags. you asked me the other day what I do with them -- some of them i'm keeping because i love them and i can use them as bookmarks or just even prop them up at my desk at work to look at from time to time. otherwise i think they're perfect for sharing. One of them has Marinik's name on it and it will find it's way to the mailbox tomorrow. probably in a decked out envelope!

smith kaich jones said...

I am always fixing to make tags and cards and never actually get around to either. To my shame, I send out store-bought Christmas cards every year. I can't wait to see tags.

And Happy Birthday!!!!! Have fun!

:) Debi

Loredana said...

1. Happy Birthday to be!!!!

2. Yes the weather does suck and yes we do get to complain about it. I mean hey, it's only October and they forecast snow in NY too! IMAGINE THAT!

3. Now I want to make tags too!

4. Born in Morocco? Intresting...tell us more...

Polly said...

Happy birthday, have a wonderful and relaxing day tomorrow.

Snow in October? It's snowing in Poland today as well. Slushy, cold snow that makes everything wet. Brrr...

MagnificentDebra said...

Wow! How fun is this...love the fairies...are they mary cicely barker's? We have 2 of them for our Christmas tree. They are so beautifully made. I'm glad yours don't have to be in the cold snow. Where do they live in the winter? I visited your art journal on flicker...how fun you are going to add more...I want to see! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was a favorite childhood book...thanks for the recommendation, I'll look for the tape..I love to listen while driving to the east slope...keeps me awake. Morroco! You interesting women you! I guess you won't be President though...sigh...A birthday- How exciting...sounds like you and hubby are off to a good start planning...will there be cake and a birthday wish?

marinik said...

wow, you gave us a bunch of new stuff to look into, janet't tags are great (shhh but i think she's sending me one :))
and happy b-day, hope you have a great day tomorrow filled with joy, rest and some quality time with the man :)

Ambiance in the Attic said...

I'm the fairy listening in on the far left!

I downloaded Picasa, this is a great find! I don't really have the 2 hrs to invest right now, but I'll learn as I go.

Morrocco! How cool is that!

Most of all my friend, Happy Birthday!

An Open Heart said...

The Fairies rock! Check your email...I sent you a note....


Laura Hegfield said...

Happy Birthday! I love your list...the completely random snapshots of where your mind is moment to moment. This, I believe is the state of most peoples minds...it is food for creativity as long as we don't overload at the buffet table and select the most nourishing (or at least tasty) tidbits.

glad I stopped by today. It snowed here in NH this morning...just fairy dust...but still...it was cold and white.

B said...

Happy birthday, Muse? Do you like your new three columns blog? My present! :)

spudballoo said...

Well Happy Birthday! Cry, I didn't know....I dont' FB enough clearly. I hope you had a totally gorgeous day. Way HAY look at you, 3 columns, switswhooooo.


Optimistic Pessimist said...

oh poo...I missed your b-day!!!! i'm so far behind in blogging that I didn't read this until it was too late. I'm such a bad bloggy/real life friend.

Happy belated b-day!

Also I agree, the snow thing in Oct. is wicked crazy and I'm not happy about it at all!

julochka said...

i'm way, way, way, way, way behind and am sorry i missed wishing you a happy birthday! i hope it was completely and utterly fabulous and you got all your wishes on that day.

mwah (as spud would say)