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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art in the Mail

The hurrier I go the behinder I get.  Who said this?  Wasn't it that wise philosopher Winne The Pooh?

My most recent aromatherapy class behind me, today I can feel the whirlwind in my head slowing down.   I'm ready to switch my focus to....

  • finishing draft posts that have been piling up (don't you hate capturing an inspiration then having to cage it?)
  • reading this week's Joy Diet menu item #3 on the inspiring topic of following one's passion
  • getting back to my neglected art journaling

    But first and foremost, I want to acknowledge Janet of Are We There Yet for the beautiful ATC cards she sent me in September. 

    Janet has a penchant for collage (cupcakes, too) and her gift for putting things beautifully together on paper can be seen here, herehere and in yesterday's post here.  Janet shares many more of her more creations on her blog ~ go and have a look!

    Last month, I was lucky enough to receive
    three lovely pieces of her handiwork. 

    Please click on the pictures to see the detail in her cards.

    and my favorite

    Not only were the ATCs beautiful,
    but the envelope she mailed them in was a work of art unto itself. 
    You really have to click on the picture to appreciate the detail.

    Janet, what technique did you use to give the envelope that antiqued brown finish?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

    And you've inspired me so much by your envelope that I just ordered this book!

    Thank you Janet! 
    Oh how I love my bloggy buddies! 


    marinik said...

    how sweet... way to go janet :)

    Loredana said...

    I just clicked on her blog 'are we there yet' and loveddddd the tag she made and posted yesterday. Now i'm going to follow her and get inspired.


    MagnificentDebra said...

    How fun! I'll go visit in a sec. Have so many questions, how was the class? How was the anniversary? How are you...Hope things slow down soon so you can write. Blessings!

    Kitty said...

    i saw something janet made with fortune cookie papers...i think it was a tag. since hubbs eats take out every day from china wok, we have the fortunes piling up and dying to be decoupaged! thanks!

    tori said...

    Thanks for visiting me. Love these! So beautiful! (I love Bambi too) I will be following!