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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holistic Aromatherapy Class, October 2-4, 2009

Yes, I have an aromatherapy website.
  Yes, it is very much a work in progress.
Yes, I have a line of essential oils.
No, I don't sell online yet.
Yes, I'm working on that.
Yes, you can buy them at the Institute where I teach.
Yes, this post is a shameless promo for my class. 


What is the class about?
Every October,  I offer my Holistic Aromatherapy Level I class, a three-day program packed with fun and information ~ the participants go home with a really solid foundation for safely and effectively using essential oils.  Sometimes students come into this class not knowing eactly why they signed up other than an interest in learning more about essential oils ~ and they go home full of creative ideas on how to use aromatherapy as an adjunct to their current career or ready to begin a new one in which aromatherapy is featured.

What will we do?

In this class we profile about 40 essential oils and spend a good amount of time learning what is sold out in the world that is not truly aromatherapeutic, even though it is labeled as such.

We will cover the importance of understanding the scientific plant names and we'll cover the very basics of aromachemistry.   

We'll learn blending criteria and how to keep important blending records.

We laugh a lot and sometimes jump up and down and run around the building to stay awake or do a shoulder massage train or a spontaneous steam inhalation.  I don't always know what I'm going to do in a class.

I tell lots of essential oil stories and experiences; in fact, everyone shares their stories and it's one of the most rewarding part of the classes for me.  I have been blessed over the years to have the most wonderful people drawn to this class and connecting with the students is my favorite part of teaching.   They always teach ME so much. 

You'll get a binder packed with information and, of course, I bring loads of oils for a complete "nose-on" experience!

Here is the formal outline for the Level I class:
  • The Olfactory Sense and Mechanism of Smell
  • Extraction Process of Essential Oils
  • Overview of Body Systems and the Essential Oils which support them
  • Contraindications and Safety Issues
  • Medicinal Properties of Essential Oils
  • Basic Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Hands-on Sampling of over 30 Essential Oils
  • Therapeutic Methods of Application and Dosages
  • Recipes for Hair, Skin and First Aid
  • Hands-on Blending - Students Create their own Formulas

Where will the class be  held?
The Mt. Nittany Institute of Natural Health
301 Shiloh Road, State College, PA
 website:  www.mtnittanyinstitute.com

 phone:    814-238-1121

The Institute is easily accessed by major PA highways.    Don't be put off if you aren't around the corner.  I have had students in this class from as far away as Wisconsin, Chicago, Maryland and Maine.  In fact, there is a woman from New York currently enrolled in the October class.   When you call to register, you will most likely speak with Jennifer Cifelli, Master Coordinator at the Institute (and of droopy hat fame).   Jen will send you a sheet of local hotels.  There is also a "Friends of Mt. Nittany" program where out-of-town students can stay in the homes of Mt Nittany "friends".   At the Institute, Joleen Parker handles this.

What are the dates and times?
Friday - Sunday, October 2-4, 2009

What is the cost?

 $350 for three days

Where do I register?
You can call Jennifer Cifelli at 814-238-1121 or mail in your registration by going to the bottom of this page.

Can we buy essential oils at the Institute?
There is a shop at the Institute where my line of oils, Liz's Garden, is sold and they always stock up while at the school  they will be available.  It is not necessary to purchase any oils for this class, however, as I will have everything you need.

Will I be able to take a Level II class after this?
I currently have Level I students begging for requesting an advanced Level II class which was #2 on my list in this post.  My goal is to have the class ready for late Spring 2010.

Will you come to my town and teach this class?

If you would like me to bring this class to you, I will do that but need a guaranteed minimum number of students.  The number depends on the distance I must travel, but it's usually 8-10.

If you have any questions, please fee free to email me at: thefragrantmuse@gmail.com.


Kitty said...

dang football! if not for that, i would soooo schlep to pennsylvania to take your class! cityoga in indianapolis may be a place interested in hosting an aromatherapy weekend. they bring in teachers from all over the world. www.cityoga.biz is their website. i learn so much from your posts! xo kitty

Cyndy said...

As we discussed sometime ago, this is the same weekend that I have obligations at our Dutch Fall Festival, but maybe there is time for one day?

And GOOD FOR YOU for getting that website going! I know there are many who would be interested in your oils ~ especially since you explain each so clearly and thoroughly. Please send the link...

MagnificentDebra said...

Yea! Your wishes are coming true. Your class sounds fascinating and so much fun. Looking forward to reading all about it. Blessings.

spudballoo said...

How SUPER!!! Oh I wish I could come...I am in AWE of your blog camp blend BTW, i couldn't get enough of it. I kept having to zip in and out of the blue room so I could catch its scent again and again. You're SO clever!! xxx

Nanodance said...

I love shameless promos! And one of these days, mark my word, I am going to drive down and take one of your workshops! Seriously.

Carmen said...

it would be great if you teach this class online, i would love to take it, i know some but getting a certificate is good, let me know if you offer this online, thanks!