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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fried Stones in the Massage Studio?

Using hot stones on my client's body is an integral part of my massage practice.  The stones are a simple but powerful tool for infusing sore and taut tissue with heat, and they feel wonderful on my overworked hands.

For years I've warmed the stones by keeping them in a crockpot filled with water.  I recently broke my second crockpot when the stones knocked against the side and cracked the ceramic liner.  I have been putting off buying another crockpot knowing it will just happen again, and my clients are beginning to whine ask when the stones are coming back.

Yesterday I got out our rarely-used electric skillet, scrubbed it of traces of cooking, added water and...viola!   It works great, if not a tad shallow.


McGillicutty said...

OMG I sooo need a massage, do you make house calls? to GA?
Can we have blog camp east at your place?

McGillicutty said...

p.s. is this a deffo do not try this at home kinda thing?

Holly said...

Necessity, mother of invention, and all of that...you are the clever one! Cover it with foil and it won't make a diff that it's too shallow.

I want those on my tired feet. I want to come see you and get on your table. Whhhaaaaaaa.

MagnificentDebra said...

ohhh! Warm stones seeping heat into muscles,,,sounds heavenly. I bet your intuitive gifts make you an incredible masseuse. Husband has MS and has had some wonderful deep tissue massages that have helped tremendously with spasticity, I like a gentler approach. Your work counter/space looks lovely.

Lola England said...

If it is too shallow and you want an alternative ~ we use a "deef fryer" without the fry basket to heat our water at the Grange Fair for corn or dishes ~ it would be nice and deep for your stones.

Perhaps I should schedule an appointment to try out the stones!

julochka said...

the place in boracay where i had a hot stone massage had a special appliance for it, but i imagined that those old-fashioned ones used to keep food hot at church potlucks/dinners would do the trick. you know, the big white ones with a removable enamel insert that can be washed? i can't think of what they're called...but my WV is "frapter," so maybe that's it...

i bet you could find one at a garage sale. :-)