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Monday, September 14, 2009

In honor of Jewel

If you haven't met Stacey of  The Brown's Zoo Tales yet, I highly recommend you stop in for a vist.  

Stacey began her blog about the same time I started mine and I've been following her for several months.  I noticed today that my buds Jules, Spud, and
McGillicutty are reading her blog too, and I'm delighted they've found her.  I just love Stacey's posts because they are a pleasing blend of poignant, funny, fascinating or introspective thoughts, and always written with warmth and honesty. 

For several weeks Stacey's beloved friend Jewel, a beautiful border collie, has been preparing to join the spirit world.  I've often had the sense that Jewel could have left sooner but chose to stay on a bit to give Stacey sufficient time to say goodbye.

On Sunday Jewel became an angel and Stacey's eulogy to her is simply beautiful. 

If you've ever had a beloved friend who walked on four legs, or even if you haven't, it will touch your heart.  


spudballoo said...

Oh...I'm behind with my bloggy reading and didn'tknow that. Sob, that's very hard. i totally love Zoo Tales! x

Holly said...

This was kind of you to do. No surprise you being kind. None at all.

Sarah said...

Oh it is so hard to loose those sweet babies!! She looks like my LucyLu. Hugs to her..off to visit!

Stacey said...

liz... Thank you. Simply a beautiful soul, you are...

marinik said...

awww... that's so sad, i'll have to go over there and say a few comforting words to her, i too lost a four legged friend when i was much younger...and it still hurts when i think of her, thanks liz for turning us her way

MagnificentDebra said...

Liz, what a friend you are. I count myself more and more blessed to know you. Mwahh,Big Kiss!