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Monday, September 7, 2009

What happens when your PC is in the shop for four days?

  • You read more of everything: newspaper, books, brochures
  • You get up to check your email then remember and sit down again
  • You read some more
  • You spend more time hanging out with the family
  • You go to bed a little earlier
  • You spend a little longer in bed in the morning
  • You visit your local library and are amazed at how fast a one-hour computer time limit goes
  • You feel ill with curiosity to read the 10 cose di me from the 10 people you tagged!
  • You worry how you'll ever catch up with your google reader list
  • You wonder how long it will take Julochka to tease you about not having a MAC
  • You walk the dog more often
  • You resort to visiting your ex-husband in order to send a twitter message so your bleeps know you're still alive
  • You make lists of all the things you're going to blog about when your PC comes home
  • You fear the PC tech will think you're hitting on him because you call every half hour
  • You get up to draft a blog idea then remember and sit down again
  • You question if anyone in the blogosphere will notice your absence
  • You play with your grandson with complete attention and without wondering when you'll be able to sneak on the computer for a minute
  • You rest your eyes
  • You realize how attached you are to your blogging friends and reading about their lives (especially when they are at blog camp(s) and you can't vicariously be there)
  • You listen to Wayne Dyer's Manifesting Your Destiny
  • You vow to manifest a MAC asap


iasa said...

I've been sitting in front of my Mac checking my reader for you to return. So yes my Mac and i missed you. Glad you had distractions though.

Cyndy said...

Welcome back! You were, indeed, missed! I loved the cartoon you posted with the PC DTs. Threatened my kids with it ~ and they were scared because they know it is true!!

Hope I can pull you away from computer this Friday. Really, really want to have lunch and make plans.

Happy surfin'!

Holly said...

And, looky at that, we're all still here waiting to see you! Hugs.

Stacey said...

yay! Glad you are back... Don't know if you thought of this, but there is a great site on the web called www.geekpolice.net, if you got the idea to fix it yourself (with some amazing "geek" help) next time... I can't stand not having a computer!

smith kaich jones said...

Not only all that, but after shopping - in vain, I might add - all weekend for a white keyboard for my computer at work, which cannot be a MAC because the program we need to deal with school portraits is only available for PCs, one (and by that I mean me) must also consider the superior aesthetic value of a MAC. But, alas, alas, I am still searching for an elusive beautiful white PC keyboard even though the salespeople tell me they are no longer manufactured, that I must buy black or black & silver.

It is good to see you back, and good to see how one survives PC-less.

:) Debi

!!!! My word verification ends in MAC!!! The Universe laughs at us!

marinik said...

glad you're back, missed ya, and.... i took my laptop on VACATION with me... that's how addicted i am...no i'm not...yes i am...no i'm not...YES I AM!!!

MagnificentDebra said...

Are you back? Or were you writing from library or ex's? I hope you're back online. I've missed you very much! We've had our mac mini for 2 years and it has yet to crash, our previous pcs crashed all the time. It's a blessing for sure.

Janet said...

i hope you're back too! and just like you kept getting up to go to the computer forgetting that it wasn't there, i kept going to the computer to see if you'd returned! xoxo

Delena said...

Funny post, but so true. When we went to Yuma last year, we went to Beamspeed to get our internet before we parked the trailer. There was no way we could go one night without the computer! Glad you are back!

Maggie May said...

enforced breaks are the only kind i get :)

julochka said...

you know, you could skip the Mac and just get an iPhone. ;-)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

GASP!!! I still haven't done the 10 cose di me yet. I'm horrible when it comes to being tagged.

I love your list. I often wonder how much I would get done if I didn't have a computer, but then I get frantic just thinking about life without a computer and the internet and know that I never want to have to experience it. I'll just take your word for it.

Pamela Sweet said...

This is hilarious and yet, a little bit sad because I can totally relate! You were clearly missed here in the bloggy world and I am thankful for your triumphant return (and am having too much fun reading your blog and learning more about you)!