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Monday, September 21, 2009

Got Inspiration?

Fall has always been a season of creativity for me.  Maybe it's the cooler air or getting back into a routine after the fluidity of long summer days.  Lately I've been feeling a familiar creative bubbling inside and the need to plan projects for the winter.   It's almost an urge to "gather" in preparation for the bitter cold and I wonder if maybe I was a squirrel in my previous life.  (Actually, I'm pretty sure I was a mule because I'm tend to carry huge totes full of "just in case" stuff).

But I digress.

When I get these stirrings, there are a couple of websites I go to for inspiration and materials.

Here are two that I particularly like:

Artellaland is the brainchild of Marney Makridakis, herself a creative dynamo and wildly fun redhead.   If you sign up for their affordable memberships, you'll have access to loads of creative offerings and many free things.  I have purchased three or four Artellaland ebooks and have loved every one.  Also, if you buy an ebook, they have a book share program where you can share it with a couple of friends for free.  Hey, remember me if you do this.


Violette's Folk Art is a website that is a joy just to open.  It is whimsical and alive with color.  Since I am an art journal junkie, I find loads of inspiration from her creative journaling ideas.   I haven't yet tried any of her workshops or online classes, but I plan to one day.  I've heard positive reviews.

I can lose an entire afternoon poking around in either of these websites, and I'm betting you will too!

Where do you go for inspiration?


Holly said...

I go to the Fragrant Muse for inspiration. She reminds me a great deal of you!

rxBambi said...

actually I go to my sister, barb (http://sassygingerchronicles.blogspot.com/) cuz she got all the creative genes. totally not fair, but sometimes she makes me stuff and I love that!

MagnificentDebra said...

Yes! Me too! The creative juices are flowing...I can feel them! Thanks for sharing your inspirational sources...how fun.
Do you know about SARK? www.planetsark.com/studio_discoveries.html
and Somerset Studios?
2 of my favs!

Sandra said...

Lately I've been pondering my feet. Don't ask. I see you on Jules blog and thought I would finally stop in. Cause I have time, otherwise I would be pondering my feet.

I like messy creatives!

julochka said...

so funny. i just posted on sources of inspiration too. heehee. trans-atlantic mind meld strikes again!

Ambiance in the Attic said...

Have you been to see a Brit in Tennessee? Here is the link. I found it to be most relaxing!