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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Florida List

I'm on day 4 of my vacation/educational trip.  And I'm loving every minute of every day.   I considered not coming back but would miss my Bean too much (yeah, you too James) so I'll be on the plane for PA Monday as planned.

I have gobs of news to post when I return, but thought I'd sneak in a quick post while I have access to a computer today.   

Here are a few observations from my trip so far:

1.  I need a laptop.  Really, really, really need a laptop.

2.  Whoever invented the GPS, I bow at your feet.   No more fumbling with mapquest printouts and I can sit back and enjoy the ride.  Besides, she keeps me company.

3 . Renting a car is a blast.  "Big Red" back home is a 1997 Nissan Quest.  Here I've been bopping around in a brand new Chevy HHR.  It's a bit hearse-like,  but what a fun little ride.  And it has that new car smell.  And the blessed GPS.

4.  I love palm trees.

5.  My mother is more amazing than I realized.  She has a hundred friends and has created a wonderful life for herself in Largo.  I asked if she was lonely living on her own and she looked at me like I had two heads.  She assured me that she was far too busy to be lonely.  And she doesn't nap.  Or wear glasses.  How can a 90-year-old woman not nap and not wear glasses.  I wonder if I'm adopted?

6.  I still like shopping with Mom and letting her buy me pretty new things.

7.  Either I'm maturing or Mom has calmed down but we haven't gotten on each others nerves once.

8.  I am more in love with aromatherapy than ever before and feel myself growing by the day in my knowledge, love and interest.   

9.  I am grateful to be learning from the fabulous Andrea Butje.   She is a gifted teacher and her knowledge of essential oils continues to blow me away. 

10.  Cindy Black is a hoot with a wonderfully quick wit.  And she's not a smartass at all.

11. Aromatherapists are extremely cool people.

12.  I'm making new essential oil friends like Saro, Iary, Larch, Palo Santo, Balsam Poplar, Plai, Mastic and a whole forest of conifers that I've never heard of.

13.  Canadians really do say "eh?" (there are two in my class)

14. Travel is good medicine for the soul.

15.  Floridians whine constantly, I mean constantly about the unusually cold weather.  Give me a freakin' break.  It's still better than snowy Pennsylvania.  Wanna trade?

16. Giving my Mom's famous banana bread to people is always appreciated.

17.  The Tampa airport is beautiful.

18.  It's all going much too fast.


Ally said...

I have no idea how we survived so many years without a GPS!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

faerwillow said...

~the last four days seem quite delightful! you mother sounds AMAZING...keep savoring all the moemnts of your trip...sounds like your soul is singing : ) to new memories and friends...brightest blessings~

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Yes, the GPS is a wonderful thing. I often wonder how I would get anywhere new without mine!

And yes, I didn't believe it either, but Canadians really DO say "eh" - a lot! And now that I've lived here and worked with so many of them for two years, I say it all the time, too! It drives my family nuts.

Gina Lee Kim said...

I loved this post! And Canadians really do say "eh"!

Thank you for your inspiration. I really enjoyed your journal backgrounds/blog links as well! Safe travels...

MagnificentDebra said...

You do sound very Chipper! Yea for you and the travel being good for the soul. Hope you soaked up enough of mother's love and the Florida sunshine to last all winter long!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a wonderfully joyous list! :)

Traci Dalrymple said...

The banana bread was to dye for! So grateful to have met you and love your blog...feels so real...

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did have a great time playing with all the new oils and blending all those wonderful products. Just think we will get to do this again in 2 weeks. Looking forward to class together.

Jennifer said...

I loved this post! Sometimes I forget that the sum isn't greater than the parts...it IS the parts!! Your list is a perfect reminder to enjoy all the little gems that make up the day.
I'm so happy you had a lovely time in Florida...(especially because I'm selfish, and know your 2010 classes will be full of new wonders!) YAY!

Mommy Melee said...

Only the native Floridians. ;)

And there are very few of us.