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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things: Sassy the Therapy Pug

Christina of Soul Aperture is once again asking us to share the simple things in our life.   This time, her theme has one important addition:  Christina is donating $1 to Doctors without Borders for relief for Haiti for every blogger who participates in the simple things today. 
One of the simplest pleasures in my life is our family dog, Sassy.  Her full name is Sassafras Catfish Pezzuti Fulcher, and she is a source of simple and deep joy in my life.

Sassy is always in the massage room when I'm working.  My clients bring her gifts and treats and usually greet her before me.  In 13 years of practice only two people have ever refused her in the massage room.  One lady was allergic, the other afraid of dogs.

She brings a gentle, grounding energy to the studio and is often right up on the table with my clients.    Today, I will let her share a few words with you.  Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

I greet folks when they arrive and let them pet me.
It's exhausting and I need a two hour nap afterward.

I keep Mom's massage clients warm and cozy. 

When someone is new and nervous, I make them feel at ease.

Here's a game Mom finds hilarious.  She calls it "ET phone home".
  Honestly, I could do without the humiliation.

Sometimes when I'm sleeping, I actually melt

Position is everything is life.

When Mom calls me to go for a walk, I stand firm at the top of the steps.
Her frustration amuses me.

Foot?  What foot?

I even keep Mom's students company when she teaches her aromatherapy classes.
Sometimes she can't get the student's attention because they fawn over my preciousness.

You lookin' at me?  You lookin' at me?

There's this Bean person that visits.  I can't compete with his ultra-cuteness.

  Personally, I don't see it.
I wonder if I could push him in the river.  Just a little.

I love to ride in the car.  Why does everyone ask if I'm comfortable?

All in all, I can't complain.
I have a pretty good life with my humans.


Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Too cute! I wish I could have my cats with me at work.

faerwillow said...

~love your little one by the water...so precious...~if you sneak over to my blog there is an AWARD for you and kind of a little challenge that goes along with it...brightest blessings~

SE'LAH... said...

Too cute. So glad to visit here today.

One love.

iasa said...

I'm digging the dogs full name? Do you holla the entire thing when she is naughty?

MagnificentDebra said...

This is a great idea, I might steal it and do a copper and foxter post too! I love the shot of sassy and the bean..your caption on the bull taunting pic was hilarious! The rock wall at the bottom of the stairs is too cool. What green! So green! sigh...soon!

Cyndy said...

Oh, Sassy, you are too good for us humans! Liz, you have captured one of the simple things that always seems to make a person's life complete: our pets.

Did you know that recently the Centre County court system has employed a dog to be a companion to children witnesses? They say that the dog comforts the child, becomes a great listener and softens the experience. Very interesting, indeed, but I guess Sassy already knew all of this...

sperlygirl said...

this little pup clearly brings about much love! found you via soul aperture. we seem to share many interests (i too taught aromatherapy!) warmly, s

beth said...

that is one lucky lucky dog !

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Oh, she is beyond cute. And I think her name is perfect!

Barb said...

I love this post. I wish my massage therapist would bring a dog! And Sassy is so cute. I'm happy that Chili caught your eye!

Barb said...

BTW, I moved my rosemary inside for the winter and Chili wants to chew on it. I couldn't find anything that said it would hurt her. Do you know?

Sherry said...

This was so delightful!!!

Christina said...

how adorable! sassy and i would get along just fine. : )

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! :D

An Open Heart said...

What a great simple things post! I'm totally in love with Sassy...can she come to my house to play?


Sandra said...

I love this! I wish I was able to be a client, simply for the pleasure of being greeted and kept warm by Sassy.

Relyn said...

OH, the melting is just hilarious. Love it!

jane said...

haha! too cute!

rxBambi said...

LOL ET phone home! too cute!!

spudballoo said...

Waaaaah this is hilarious, i'm laughing....such brilliant photos and captions. you're so funny and clever. Will you marry me? xxx

I adore her full name. x

Stacy said...

AH! I LOVE her!! You must bring her to the next aromatherapy class. My pugs are not as chill as Sassy but they do like to sit on my lap and give me advice on what to write :-)