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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creativity vs. Clutter

I've been procrastinating on my summertime art journal project from Rachel Denbow's June class. More accurately, I've been uninspired to even begin. When I've had time to work on it, I've put it off, feeling tired and overwhelmed. It's like there has been an invisible barrier between me and my creativity.

Apparently it was my messy kitchen.

Last night I popped in an audiobook (Grisham's The Client) and for three hours washed stacks of dishes, scrubbed pots, cleaned inside cupboards, wiped down walls and scrubbed the floor. I finished the job by sprinking Basil essential oil on a sponge and running it over the countertop. My kitchen sparkled and smelled divine.

I woke up at 6:00 this morning with a clear vision of my project and couldn't get out of bed fast enough to begin.

The disorder in my kitchen - the heart of my home - was bleeding the creativity right out of me.

Here are my first two pages (there will be six more). Click on the picture for a closer view.

IDSS Tutorial #1: Cover Story

IDSS Tutorial #2: My Summer Must Include...

I wonder what else I'll need to clean to get through tutorials #3-#8?


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I'm LOL at cleaning the kitchen to boost creativity! I wonder if that's the case with me...the whole house needs a cleaning so I can only imagine how productive I'd be if I got out the vacuum. Your journal looks fabulous...really enjoy the title.

rxBambi said...

Love the journal! I can't wait to see more of it. I usually only clean when I'm mad, maybe I'll see if it'll spark some creativity too

spudballoo said...

Oh how lovely! I'm like that, I can't get down to any kind of creative/useful/productive chores until the basics are sorted ie. kitchen and playroom which are my main stressy areas!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Alicia: Thanks! Sometimes I clean to avoid other things, but this time it was an energetic drag.

rxBambi: IT was such fun once I had direction - I did both pages in an hour. I also clean when I'm mad. Or throw things. Or eat ice cream. Depends on who/what I'm mad at.

Spud: "...until the basics are sorted out". Well put! How do you ever ever keep the playroom in order (for more than 15 minutes)?

Optimistic Pessimist said...

oh oh oh...I know, I know...you can come clean stuff at my house, purely in the name of inspiration. Cleaning DOES NOT make me inspired...it eats away at me. I LOATHE it. I mean I really really do. I actually think I spent more time trying to get out of it than actually doing it/sneaking laundry in and out of the house.

Glad you got something out of it though. And it you ever want to come clean something at my house let me know.

Hit 40 said...

Very fun!! I just need to clean up some cat hair before I can get creative this summer.

julochka said...

you know what i love about your pages? it's rachel's prompt, but i can still your style. so many people just try to copy her exactly. i love that you didn't. i do think she's good at the ideas. :-)

Stacey said...

Ooooh! Right there with ya, Lady! I am so the same way! Can't get a handle on anything until I get stuff picked up. Right now the object of my blockage: my office desk. ICK!

The Fragrant Muse said...

OP: Alright. Settle down. I can barely tolerate my own mess let alone someone elses. Although on second thought...do I have permission to post about ANYTHING I find if I clean your place....?

Hit40: The only thing worse than cat hair is pug hair. If I waited until there was no animal hair, I'd never ever ever ever ever do anything.

Julochka: Thanks. I feel like the thing that I really got out of her class was the prompts since her style just isn't mine. For one thing, my pages have to include paint. But I did have fun sewing on the pages. That was new for me.

Stacey: Let me know how unblocking the desk goes...I don't even remember what color mine is!

smith kaich jones said...

Oh, I have blogged about this. Kind of. The clutter of art stuff drives me crazy, mocking me, saying see? you never finish anything. you're not an artist. I pray every day to find the right place with separate studio space, with a door I can shut on the unfinished pieces, so that I don't have to see them every time I want a coke.

:) Debi

Elizabeth said...

Thank god I'm not the only one who has this 'disorder'. Love your pages, who doesn't like these wonderful blues. But I learned also something today basil on a sponge to give the countertop something extra. That is something I haven't tried. So I'm off to the kitchen.

Amanda said...

I have plenty of cleaning for you to do if you run out! Love the pages! Keep it up!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Debi: The real question is why can't we just create without a whole lot of rituals and preambles and cleaning and special spaces? Is it all part of creative self-sabatoge?

Elizabeth: Thanks! Lemongrass is nice on the countertop too.

Amanda: No way sister! and Thanks!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Ummm....uhhh...I don't know if I can agree to that. I tend to just shove things somewhere and forget about it. God knows WHAT you would find at my place!

The Fragrant Muse said...

OP: All the more reason to let me do it mwwwwhaaaaa

B said...

Love your pages! I'm like that too, everything needs to be in order so I can relax and do the things I like. But I'm trying to let go of that.