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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today the Gremlins Can't be Tamed

The Gremlin is a concept developed by Richard Carson that embodies a group of thought processes and feelings. Carlson says, "The Gremlin is the sleazy master of misery lurking in the shadows of your very own mind". Gremlins are, in a nutshell, our negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and personal saboteurs.

Today my gremlins are out to play and have brought reinforcements. I've got the my-life-sucks blues and I'm submerged deep in my own woebegon-ness.

Is it hormones?
Is it the constant rain?
Is it obsessively reading about people traveling to Europe while I'm stuck in cowtown USA?
Is it that I'm on fokken year four of living in an unfinished, dusty construction site called my house?
Is it feeling old and fat and when did this happen?
Is it working so much that my creative side isn't getting fed?
Is it looking at my husband and wishing that he'd get rid of that fokken beard for God's sake.
Is it a severe case of the grass in everyone else's life looking greener?
Is it hiding in ice cream and cereal because the sugar rush is so sweet but the gluten is killing me?
Is it too many demands by my family when all I want to do is sit quietly with a glass of wine and read?


It's all that and a bag of chips which I devoured while watching reruns of Boston Legal until midnight because why the fokk not?


Lola England said...

As for everyone else going to Europe ~ while you are stuck here ~ while I was traveling in Europe last year ~ I was very very good at making it seem like a fabulous time! and in part it was but oh the stuff i left out!! Ask Cyndy(110 Penned) about the Scotland trip ~ she may even be able to send you the emails ~ the one I posted and made public sunshine and roses ~ and then the reality email i sent her of being stuck in a car with a husband who would only stop twice and three kids under the age of 10 for 9 1/2 hours!

I am sure you know this but things are rarely as they appear in everyone else's world . . . .

Hope your day gets brighter . . .

B said...

This defintely sounds like a case of the grass is always greener... I wish I could visit the US!
I hope things bright up soon! In the meantime, don't be too hard on yourself!

tippyrich said...

FM, are you sure you aren't living in 'my' cowtown, drowning in the fokking rain? We have had water falling from the sky for a solid 3.5 weeks, such a rarity! Consider this...you don't have to water anything! woohoo! As far as the beard thing goes, I woke up one day, feeling much like you about facial hair, I told my husband he was more likely to git a little lovin if he looked more like Kevin Costner than Santa Clause. It worked!!

I'm sorry you're feeling badsad today. It will pass, take a whiff of grapefuit, helichrysum, vetiver or clary sage...better yet, a massage (which might be nice if you can convince your hubby to shave!) aahhhhh.

rxBambi said...

I'm with you on the 'everyone going to europe' thing. I need to get the hell out of here for a while.
I like the kevin costner/santa claus thingie! You should give that a try.
I think stealing a couple hours away from everyone with a book and a glass of wine sounds like a fabulous idea -- just do it. Just don't drink the wine I had last night, I have a terrible headache. Plus I'm wearing my cranky pants today so everyone just needs to get the hell outta my way :D
I'tll get better...we all <3 you

The Fragrant Muse said...

Wow. Why can't you guys all just come over to my house and hold me while I cry all over your shoulders. Then we'll get drunk and jump naked on the trampoline. Okay, maybe not that last bit.

Lola: I'll be sure to ask Cyndy for those emails. Other people's misery can be such a balm sometimes.

B: Shall we trade places for a month?

Tippyrich: Oh my God. I am SO going to use the Kostner/Santa Claus line. And yes, I need to call for a massage and carry a sachel full of oils with me. Your suggestions are all superb, especially the vetiver and clary mmmmmm.

rxBambi: Can't you just slip me something that will make me smile? I'm not fussy. You've got the cranky pants too? I just wonder why mine have gotten so tight?

julochka said...

i totally get this. it's in the air today. i have wasted the entire day and it's beautiful and sunny outside, so i have no excuse. i think the biorhythms are off...and i hope they right themselves soon. really soon. because these cranky pants are too tight.

Hit 40 said...

Please go get the show weeds season one!! Blockbuster has a deal of $15 for two or $10 for one unlimited rentals for a week.

By the time you burn through season one and two... you will be in a better mood!!! Season 3 kinda lost some mojo. But, this last season picked it up again.

Dexter could also pick you up. It is kinda dark humor. I have not heard a bad word about it from anyone who watched it. Great show.

Beth said...

I also support the wine and book idea!

Also, when I lived in Eastern, PA, on rainy days when I had the blahs I would hop in the car and take a drive up Route 29 through New Hope (I soooooo miss New Hope)and up to the Deleware Water Gap with either my favorite tunes or an intriguing audiobook playing on the stereo!

Now I live in Texas and am aching for one of those rainy days. Grass.Greener.Everywhere else.

Cheer up soon!

Amanda said...

Love this post! I have that unsettling in the summer. This is the time when my work is slow and my kiddos are at home. Here I sit reading the internet, which I love, but wichi I was at the pool with them.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Oh my dears, you all really do make me feel better.

Julochka: You probably have post blogcamp blues or maybe it's the moon or something. But my blogcamp material award definitely put a smile on my face!

Hit40: I've been wanting to watch Weeds for years. I'll go get it today as I'm on my way to the video store now. Will check out Dexter too. Thanks for the suggestions.

Beth: Do you know I've never been to New Hope? Now there's a good weekend trip to plan! Where did you live in Eastern PA?

Amanda: You said the magic word. Unsettled. Kids coming and going, more noise and confusion than usual. Less rest. Goodness, I sound like an old lady!

Cyndy said...

Fragrant Muse: The sun IS shining! And we know this is a rarity, so get off the computer and get outside! (I would take the same advice but have a laundry room calling my name). I think it is definitely time for some ice cream. Or a date at The Victoria House in Lewisburg. Have been trying to go there forever. Lola England can join us and we can laugh at her Scotland stories (although she never really rinsed the green with envy out, even with that story). The grass is always greener. Some just needs to be cut more often.

wv: hoocoast: what my son is saying right now as he is riding the waves on the Outer Banks. Talk about greener grass...

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I'm in that funk, too....sorry to hear about it. I think it could be the combination of the wonderful blog camp revelations, plus the weather, plus I think I would feel the same way if my house was a constant construction zone. Don't you have an essential oil that will take all of your cares away? Or as suggested above, drink wine. Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Cyndy: Yes, it is a lovely day. But the last 40 days and nights of rain seem to have soaked into my soul. A date of Victoria House or Elizabeth's with Lola England is definitely in order (Elizabeth is a friend and would fuss over us). I'm feeling better than this morning.

Gidget: I actually think its all the sugar and carbs I've been indulging in. And I've been using oils today to lift my spirits and its working. BERGAMOT MMMMMMM

spudballoo said...

Yeah got a touch of fokkin antsy pants here today too. Mostly becuase the solution I thought I'd found to my horrible blog template is away until September. Cast a nasty cloud on the whole day.

I need a lot of time on my own. When I don't get it, it affects EVERYTYHING. So I go with the book and a glass of wine suggestion. Or maybe two glasses of wine?


smith kaich jones said...

It's everything. Plus we don't get that summer vacation feeling anymore - that looking forward to 3 months of nothing. Well, at least I don't - my best friend is a professor & gets those months + another at Christmas. Come to think of it, she's pretty down a lot, so maybe that's not a reason. Nah, I know it would be helpful. "Weeds" will make you feel happy - Hit 40 had a great suggestion. And ditto Beth. 102 today. Humid. No rain.

:) Debi

Janet said...

we've all heard it said that the grass
is greener on the other side.
but no matter who told you this,
the truth is that they lied.

life is what you make it -
it'll be green pastures or not.
the trick is to be able to make
the best of what you've got.

so if you're straddling a fence this day,
carefully choose which way you fall.
when you pick yourself up you may find
there was no grass at all!

wrote that years ago when i was probably having a day just like yours. wish i was closer. i'd come and get you and put you in the car and we'd do like a thelma and louise thing. almost. not the bad stuff, but definitely the cute brad pitt cowboy kid stuff. ;)

Delena said...

I can relate.
The drastic changes in the barametric pressures in our climate give me constant headaches, from slight to full on migraines. When we go to Yuma in the winter the headaches virtually disappear.
My biggest gremlin is always the guilt thing.
Guilt about relaxing when my husband is working around the place.
This weekend I am looking forward to company camping at our place and drinking more than one glass of wine and doing nothing else but sitting around in lawn chairs.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Always welcommed!

marinik said...

oh hunny we all have those days... at times more that other times... what helps me is.. I just except it... wallow in it a bit... then think of how much "worse" things can be... and dust off and move on... and while you're there... enjoy the ice-cream :)