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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Helleristning of Her Own

Earlier this week I received a surprise package in the mail. This small pouch contained a fragment of a faraway place and is embellished with the unique artwork of it's bighearted benefactress.

That it should arrive this week confirms my believe in synchronicity.

This small gift has been a source of joy in a dark week. When the gremlins gather round to hook me in, I only have to show them this little treasure and the delight it brings sends them running.

For increased gremlin ammo, I'm going to print out yesterday's comments from all the wonderful women I've met here in this corner of the blogosphere, because it sure blew them out the door. Thank you everyone for your encouraging and kind words yesterday. They were a balm to my self-pitying little heart.

My special rock sits in a place of honor with my other feel good treasures.

Can you guess who sent it?


Hit 40 said...


Someone gave me a very nice box of rocks from a geologist who passed away. I had fun giving them away to kids a rock at a time. The kids loved it.

smith kaich jones said...

Yes indeedy - it is a Ms. Julochka original. :) No doubt it will help keep the gremlins at bay - made with love & sent with same.

:) Debi

Cyndy said...

Very nice. I got my own from her on Etsy (my first time shopping there). The design looks like the world in the center with many hands touching it. It was a celebration present from me to me for when I opened my blog and began to meet so many great people around the world.

Still owe you my fav5, have not forgot. Just clearing the palette first...

Scram, Gremlins!

rxBambi said...

i love the stones. I bought 3 for my sister's birthday and now want to take them back. One of these days I'll buy my own.

Hope today you are feeling much better...

Fidgeting Gidget said...

It was your fairy blogmother Julochka! I am SO jealous.

marinik said...

yayyy for you, and ot Julochka for making your day and week. happy for you :)

spudballoo said...

Hooarh for Julie, this is lovely...begone gremlins!!! xxx

The Fragrant Muse said...

I'm happy to report that today there is no sign of gremlins either in my house or my brain. Thanks all you lovely gremlin exterminators!

Hit40: You just gave them away?

Debi: You are so correct my dear and yes, it is a superb gremlin smasher.

Cyndy: What a great pressie from you to you. Yes, waiting for the 5 but patiently...tapping foot.

rxBambi: Lucky sister! Next time you visit her one might have to just "disappear".

Gidget: Yes! No need to be jealous, she was thanking me for sending some blogcamp goodies.

marinik: Thanks, it did indeed make my week.

Spud: If you are going to say "gremlins begone", you must do it with a wand. I insist.

Janet said...

oohh! you are SPECIAL!! it's really cool.