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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just One Oil: The Answer


In this post, I asked readers to guess which essential oil my son Gianluca packed for college.

His choice was Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Congratulations to Fidgeting Gidget and Cyndy of 110Penned for guessing correctly!
Kudos to Cyndy who also gave the reasons it might be his essential oil of choice for the college experience. Gianluca understands from personal experience the value of this oil for his sinuses and how helpful it can be to heal respiratory issues.   Plus, he knew there wouldn't be any peace until there was at least one oil in his bag.
Kitty of Organic Orgy guessed Lavender for calming which would have been another versatile and practical oil for the stress of college and Holly thought it might be Patchouli to keep him grounded; a good choice for moments of feeling overwhelmed with academics.

I had a giggle when Debra of Sojourner said she didn't know anything about essential oils other than the Tea Tree her husband uses for insect bites!

And my friend OptomisticPessimist made me smile with her comment about a non-aphrodisiac oil.  You can tell she is raising a son!
I had such fun watching your guesses come in that I'm creating a contest ~ with a prize!



Holly said...

Besides that, the Tea Tree is good if his scalp gets dry and itchy which is likely to happen in the stuffy environment of the dorm.

I'm glad though, when it gets right down to it, that he took the one that reminds him most of his mother's work.

Even if he wouldn't say that to her!

spudballoo said...

Oh I missed this (damn real life, tush)....how funny. Do you think he chose well? I do, that's surely a 'must have' item for its 'first aid' use as much as anything else? I bet also, although he would never admit it, this one reminds him of mama for some secret reason.

Hugs! xxx

Cyndy said...

I win! I win! (She says as she stands up and does a little touchdown dance! Have told you, the testosterone is running thick in the house right now!).

But my true guess is that he will have all that were mentioned before Christmas break!

I want a prize! How 'bout an hour of your time for lunch (how many different ways do I need to ask?!?)

Kitty said...

I'll bet he will grab more when he comes home! What a smart dude! xoxo ps thanks for the shout out!

MagnificentDebra said...

So how's the empty nest adjustment going? We are stronger than we know, and He keeps watch. He brought me 2 little girlies last year to mother. Amazing. One was a new puppy with an absent owner, the other was a 5 year old on summer visit with daddy. So much fun! Alas both are gone now, who will He bring next...I wonder? So I'm curious about tea tree for sinus remedy...do tell! I'm a big fan of sinus rinses, use saline.

Janet said...

of course it was tea tree! what doesn't it do?! thought about you yesterday. was out shopping and ran across a bar of clary sage soap. of course it's now in my bathroom. ;)

Eliane Zimmermann said...

tea tree is the only essential oil which my 16 year old son accepts (against his pimples), otherwise everything which mama does is somehow gaga. our little one (10) came home from school a year ago or so and said the kids were telling him he smelled 'so German'. I was wondering what they could mean? might be the smell of patchouli oil as I frequently wash our laundry with it as we have terrible problems with moths. we don't smell it anymore nor apparently the moths but the other children???

julochka said...

was reading from top to bottom in the reader, but would have guessed tea tree (mostly because it's the only one husband will use, so i perceive it as a manly oil). :-)

you should have sneaked in a lavender as well, it's miraculous for those sleepless nights. :-)