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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Mini Creation

I had a fascinating lesson in making stone walls and terracotta tiles in my Minimakers Club meeting yesterday. 

The technique uses paper egg cartons torn or cut into pieces and dyed.  It's easy and fast (I finished mine in 90 minutes).  I can envision making one of these with flowers and vines climbing up the stone wall.
I'm quite pleased with my finished product...for a first attempt.
  Next time I'll probably make the stones and tiles a bit smaller.   


One club member made a simple little path and is going to add grass for a garden scene.


Here are some of the beautiful pieces created by the instructor.
  Now I have something to aim for!


julochka said...

wow, those are cool! tho' while i love tiny things, i don't really like making them, so i think i'll just enjoy yours. :-)

Cyndy said...

Now I just need to find a way to shrink me, and I will live there!

marinik said...

very nice, hope you had fun making them... here's a virtual cupcake just for you

Delena said...

Wow. Beautiful. There are so many different kinds of crafts out there and as many talented people who do them.

Janet said...

How fun! and that little green door is wonderful!

JFKlaver said...

What fun and how creative! Thank you for sharing this.

spudballoo said...

How super, well done you! xx

Optimistic Pessimist said...

These are awesome. Wish I had your mad skills!

McGillicutty said...

These are really good!!! I have always wanted to try and do a table with tile and broken plates that would look something similar! What am I waiting for????