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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spyglass Winery Celtic Festival

Every August, multiple local wineries get together and hold a Celtic Festival on the grounds of the Spyglass Winery in Sunbury, PA   This was their sixth year and our first.   In the past we've attended soccer games on this day and have been unable to attend.  Now that the nest is empty (well, nearly...with the Bean around there is still one peep in the nest) we were free to participate.
There were grapevines everywhere

and a big tent that housed six wineries with wine tasting all day.
This photo was taken at 11:00 a.m.  ~ by the afternoon it was packed.

Nothing says breakfast like a nice glass of chardonnay

There were many talented artisans.
  This man was working a handsaw that was over one hundred years old.

There were kilts galore

which I found surprisingly sexy 
(guess whose husband is getting a kilt for Christmas?)

okay, maybe they're not for everyone

What's a wine festival without a toddler?

There were num nums which I was excited about until...
...I saw the cheese being sliced.  Get some gloves, woman!  
Maybe after a few more glasses of wine it wouldn't have bothered me.

There was amazing celtic music by groups like MacAlum, Donagall Express
and The Barley Boys

and, of course, bagpipes

and bottle after bottle of wine

with interesting names


Not me! 

These musician/comedians called themselves Michael O'Brien
(they are Michael and Brian)
and were hilarious

You can't have a sweltering day without ice cream

By afternoon the crowd grew thick in anticipation of "Seven Nations" the headliner band

We ran into our friends Laura and Mike who were really enjoying the wine

Mike is our local Postmaster, President of his Synagogue
and one classy guy with that twirly hat

(there's a white propeller on top of his hat - hard to see in this photo)

Finally Seven Nations came out and performed their hearts out ~ They were phenomenal

I couldn't get enough of
Dan Stacey, the fiddle player ~ he was remarkable!

The crowd loved them
(why yes, I
did stand right up in front of the stage to take this photo!)

Oh look, Bean and Pap are making friends, isn't that nice.
  Let's see who they're chatting with...

Oh.  Hello. Goodbye.  Come along dear, you've had enough wine for today.

And as we were leaving at 7:00 p.m., the festival was still going strong.  We've already marked our calendar for next August! 
Who wants to come with us?


iasa said...

I wanna go! Looks like a great day, you can't go wrong with wine and ice cream.

Cyndy said...

Marking my calendar now. Even though the nest won't be empty, w/crazy sports schedule will be totally ready for a date with wine!

Holly said...

Our Highland Games here in the Laurel Highlands is generally Labor Day weekend. We try to brush up Rory & Fiona and take them with us. It's packed...

But, with the wine? Yours sounds way more fun! A man in a kilt? OMG, they don't come more sexy than that!

McGillicutty said...

Me Me pick me.... sounds like a great place for Blog Camp!!!!! I love men in kilts!!!!!!!! and wine... and tents.... and music... and cheese even without gloves!!!

rxBambi said...

I am ALL about men in kilts! I have no idea what it is, but they make me feel all warm and tingly inside! I tried to get hubs to buy one but he wont. Bummer!
Looks like so much fun!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Okay, so I'm NOT the only one who thinks a man in a kilt is sexy!

Barb said...

I totally agree on the men in kilts thing. But it might look a little strange in the middle of Illinois!

Wendy said...

Could the reason you think kilts are sexy be that no skivvies are worn underneath? Now, mind you... I've never had the opportunity to personally check the validity of that statement, but 'tis the story I've been told! Perhaps at next year's festival, Liz, you'll have to be the one to validate what I've been told... ;)

iasa said...

Wendy, I can vouch for that. Of course my kilt wearer coulda just been a freak.

An Open Heart said...

Mmmmmm......men in kilts....yummmmm
I'm definitely making plans to go to our local Celtic Festival in October....

Yes, I'll have to concur with you on the observation that kilts are not for EVERYONE....


tippyrich said...

Open Heart...who could kilts NOT be for? Hell yes!Nothin is better (in my mind)!

Musie...looks like a fabulous day, I'm so envious and thrilled at the idea of goin to our next semblance of Celtic Days.

But, the cheeses, jeesuz. Gloves please!

Stacey said...

ok... Men in kilts, not so much. Call it my cowboy-country roots. But the Celtic music... NOW THAT's what I'm all about! Hubby thinks I'm nutty when he comes in and the music is turned up loud with all the drums, flutes, fiddle - I LOVE it! The festival looked like a ton of fun!

julochka said...

can you tell i'm catching up? this looked like great fun. kilts in pennsylvania. i love the entire idea of that. it's so much fun when bits of culture travel and are adapted. it looked a bit cloudy, it didn't rain on you, did it?

it sounds like something to put in the calendar for next year and perhaps plan a blog camp around it? ;-)