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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Altered Car Project - Part I

In February of 2008 I completed a 12-month program entitled Holistic Health Practitioner Training.  Throughout the year we were given loads of assignments, many designed to increase our self-awareness.

One such exercise was to decorate the outside of a box with positive affirmations about ourselves.  Then we had to write negative, self-limiting statements about ourselves on slips of paper and put them inside the box.  Ultimately we did an exercise in which we destroyed the negative slips of paper.

The day the assignment was due, everyone showed up with a box.  Except me.  Nooooo.   Far be it for me to keep to the rules.  Musie is not only fragrant, but also a bit defiant.

I bought a Barbie convertible and encrusted the entire outside with affirmations, dreams, goals and positive statements about every important area of my life; family, career, health, travel.  I started with collaging pictures then added some beads then the next thing I knew it was covered with bling, feathers and fur.  What a ball I had creating this project!  The car was, of course, a metaphor for "steering my life" in the direction I want.

I cut out my photo and added butterfly wings and a crown and glued myself to a pelt of rabbit fur draped over the front seat. 
I even sprayed the fur with Bergamot essential oil!   I then dug through Gianluca's closet for some of his old action figures (this is why I never throw anything away).    I pulled out the ugliest ones I could find like the creature from Alien and other assorted monsters and gave them labels like perfectionist, self-sabatogue, people pleaser and that old standby guilt.  I sat these little delights in the backseat.   During the destruction of self-limiting beliefs exercise, I pulled those suckers from the car and threw them out! 

This exercise was very empowering.

Below is my car, minus the critters
(click on the photo for a larger view)

This past spring, my altered car became part of a transformational project for some very special kids.

Stay tuned for Part II!


Kitty said...

that is so fab! i love the gratitude front plate!

Kitty said...

also i wanted to know if you have anything to say about sandalwood! thanks!

Holly said...

This really a blast and I have to say, I'd like to see a video where this car is driving along and those nasty passengers are pitched out on their arses!

Hey,while people are making their requests? You mentioned that you sent an email to continue the discussion of the differing lavenders, but I never got it. Can you try again?

cfoxes said...

What an exercise! That is really a great way to give your old self the boot!

Nanodance said...

This is wonderful! Your program sounds great. I just got done with a 1000 hour program in massage therapy in NY state. It is heavy in science and technique, but exercises in self awareness are nonexistent. There is power in putting your dreams on paper, on a box, on a barbie car. The important thing is to visualize the life that you want. And believe in it. (And hard work too.) Thanks for the inspiration!

Lola England said...

I love love the car! What a fabulous twist on the assignment! Thanks for sharing!!

Perhaps I will have the kids create collages . . . on yet another rainy summer day!

rxBambi said...

I love it. What a wonderful idea. I love that you took it a step further and did a barbie car. You are just too cool. I hope you have that sucker on your mantle or somewhere that you can look at it everyday.

spudballoo said...

Helloooo I'm back!

This is fantastic, so creative. I love it. I just had a good nose at all the photos in details. My favourite is the 'my past is behind me' bit on the wing mirror.

Loving your fur cape. Too funny.

I seriously love this post, brilliant! xxx

michelle said...

your car is awesome. i love the details even in the mirrors! super fun!

tippyrich said...

Using a Barbie car was a bit symbolic! 'Love this idea! What a fun and meaningful thing for everybody to do, but ima do it with my grandkids when we need a rainy day activity - it's never too early to reinforce positivity!