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Monday, July 6, 2009

Lucky Lucky Me!

I won this fabulous crocheted necklace from Renee at Juniper and Coffee!

Thank you Renee ~ I can't wait to see how it looks against my summer tan.

Renee has some truly lovely and unique handmade jewelry. Check out her Etsy shop reneedesigns.


rxBambi said...

Congrats on the great necklace!! How did you win it??

Janet said...

oooohhh . . . me like! but i just ordered a couple of things that i saw in a link at lobster and swan. i'm afraid to go look here now!!

i bet it'll look great on you!

Holly said...

What a nice way to start a new week, with a new trinket to bring delight! Lucky girl!!!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Bambi: Her June 17th post announced a giveaway. I entered and was randomly selected (see her July 1 post).

Janet: It is unusual, isn't it. She actually crocheted the metal. I'll take a photo of it on my neck when it arrives!

Holly: Agreed. Winning jewelry is a lovely way to start, continue or end any week!

B said...

Lucky you indeed! It's beautiful!

McGillicutty said...

How lovely!! congrats!!!!

Hit 40 said...

Excellent!! Nice to have good karma come back to you.

Amanda said...

ok, now that's awesome! Love it!