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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Were you Forty Years Ago Today?

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing.

My memory of that day is vague but at eleven years old, I wasn't too young to understand that it was a big deal.

I was living in a suburb of Tiapei, Tiawan and I remember walking down the street and the doors to many homes were open because it was hot. As I walked the street I could see the flicker of television after television while everyone watched.
All the TVs were in black and white.

It's not a profound memory, but I can tell my kids and grandson that I do remember the day.

What do you remember about that day?

Do you think it was a hoax?


Hit 40 said...

You make me feel so young!!! I was born in 1969.

I will never forget 9/11. And I would compare our nations current fear of Islam to maybe how we got heated up about communism in the '50s. Every generation seems to have similar moments that they will never forget and concerns about world power.

The Fragrant Muse said...

I think many people who'll read this won't remember the date. Sigh...I'm surrounded by kids.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

ok, let's try this again...

Bet you can guess where I was at!!!

Delena said...

I was 18, young, married! I do remember somewhat but had a baby to focus on at the time. Yes, I believe it was a hoax.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

I remember that moment very very well as I was a great fan of the Apollo programm. It was my brothers 8th birthday and we had just gotten our very first tv. a portable tiny one, of course in black and white. I was 10 and deeply impressed. I can well imagine it was a hoax to impress the Russian or whomever.

Holly said...

I guess I always wonder why we might prefer to think it was a hoax when it's just as easy to believe it was real! Why do we always insist on finding everything that could be miraculous some sort of back room antic?

I would prefer to see that it was a giant leap for mankind instead of a parlor trick!

I was 12. I remember the world sitting and listening and watching. I remember my Italian grandmother sitting in fear very certain that if he touched his foot on the moon, the world would explode. When it didn't? Well, she wasn't certain what to think.

Do you suppose that when Columbus came back home with all his stories and adventures...pieces and parts to prove the wonders that he saw...that people said, "Oh, it was a hoax...he didn't really see or do that stuff!"

What is it about us that we would rather have the world dull and less wondrous and instead just feel as if we're all being duped?

Me? I prefer to remember the excitement and fascination of it all. And the fact that most of our generation can tell you exactly what they were doing this date 40 years ago, when most of us can't recall what we did last week? Well, that's pretty amazing...a hoax? I'm thinking not.

rxBambi said...

I actually wasn't around yet, but I'd like to think it was real too. We know well enough that the bad stuff was real, lets have some 'Yay America!' moments too.

Shari said...

I was celebrating my first birthday! There were times when I thought it was a hoax, but there are supposedly reflectors that can be viewed with telescopes, that we planted there to prove that it was true. It's also how they know that the moon is moving further away from the Earth. Not a good thing.

spudballoo said...

gosh are you 51? You dont' look anywhere NEAR that old!! Um, I wasn't born then (rare I get to say that these days). I assume not a hoax.

Random moon fact: there are 12 Hasselblad cameras left on the moon. Let's get up there and steal one! x