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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

90 Minutes of Heaven

Every couple of weeks I get a 90-minute massage. Because I’m a bodywork snob, all my sessions are done by the best practitioners in the area and we trade. It’s a fabulous system. My session yesterday was with Lynne. She and I have been trading for about 7 years.
In the short time I’ve been immersed in the blogosphere I’ve notice that my own observations of the world have been keener (has anyone else noticed this?), so after my session I began to list some random observations about my experience:

1. When I undress, I hide my underwear beneath my clothes. She can see my glutes and my belly, but not my skivvies. I do the same thing at the doctor’s office.

2. I like quiet during my massage. I'm normally a chatty-patty, but during massage, it’s my time to shut down all systems and decompress, especially my overactive mind. I’m always amazed when my massage clients prattle on and on during a session.

3. After 30 minutes of lying face-down, I get horribly congested. My face feels like it’s bursting with pressure. Thed I soud like this. But wed I get up its dot so bad.

4. I used to be scrupulous about shaving my legs before a session, but I’m way beyond that with Lynne. I don’t feel judged by her at all. However, when I see a new massage therapist, I still feel compelled to produce silky smooth legs (maybe she'll believe they're always like that).

5. I prefer unscented oil. Every massage therapist finds this weird since I'm the queen of aromatherapy in my little world. But honestly, I'm already substantially aromatic from working with essential oils everyday, and I don't want more in my massage.

6. I prefer no music. Again, this is probably due to an overload of listening to gentle newage-y sounds all day that when it’s my time I want silence.

7. I always have to pee real bad after a massage.

8. My favorite part is the scalp. Mmmmm I could have my scalp massaged all day. I even like to have my hair pulled a little.

9. One professional hazard I find is that even in my most hypnotic state, I am cognizant of what strokes and moves she is using and think "Oh, that's good...I'm going to use that".

10. I like an eye pillow over my eyes because that little bit of weight feels good and my eyes don’t flutter open.

11. I adore hot stones on my back. Unfortunately, Lynne doesn’t use them, but her massage is so outstanding that I don’t mind. My other trading therapist, Ruth, does.

12. I’m dopy, unfocused and ungrounded after a massage. My mental acuity goes out the window. I’m amazed when a client returns to work after a session. I’m lucky if I can use a fork.

13. When my session is over, I treat myself to ice cream on the way home. Strictly therapeutic ice cream, of course.


julochka said...

i only ever get massages when i'm traveling and usually only in the far east, which hasn't been often enough of late. but i totally notice the getting stuffed up thing!!! i thought it was just my freak sinuses.

i once had a massage therapist at the phoenician's centre for well-being (so much for only in the far east) who did something in the "web" of my hand between my thumb and my hand itself that INSTANTLY cleared that congestion. it was amazing.

i like music, but it has to be the right music, not too chinese.

i had a massage once in goa that was meant to open and align my chakras and i had the most vivid, colorful amazing dreams that night, so something worked.

i've got to get to singapore...

The Fragrant Muse said...

Julie, It's true, the web/hand acupressure thing is impressive. You can do it yourself when you've got a headache, too. Chakra work can open up all sorts of creative energy - it's a wonder you paint in your sleep! Hey, don't go to Singapore just for a massage - come to PA!
(and why are my comments now visible?)

The Fragrant Muse said...

crap I hate typos. It's a wonder you don't paint in your sleep.

Beth said...

I am also a big fan of scalp massage. There is just something so soothing, relaxing yet "tingly" about it!

B said...

Massage and ice cream every two weeks? I'm so jealous! The best massage I have had was in a small town in Ecuador. Random, I know, but it was pure heaven!
Yes, I prefer silence too, otherwise, it's not very relaxing!
I don't know anyone who actually works giving massages and with aromatherapy, so I'm really looking forward to hearing more!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Beth, tingly is exactly the right word! I get goosiebumps all over!
B, I'd love to hear how an Ecuadorian massage was! Yes, I'm so lucky to make a living doing this lovely work although I've had my share of weird clients and bizarre goings-on (do smell future blogs? maybe...stay tuned!).

B said...

I've given you a morning coffee award! Rules in my blog!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Whoo Hoooo My first award! Thanks B!

Pattern and Perspective said...

I have a certificate for a massage, with a dude. I've never been to a dude masseuse before, so this should be interesting.

I also hide by skivvies under my clothes @ the doctor's office. Sure, they can see things that are unmentionable, but they can't see my undies.

The Fragrant Muse said...

P&P - My husband is very much a dude and also a massage therapist. Don't be nervous. Like women practitioners, men can be great or lousy. Just be clear about what you want i.e., gentle, deep pressure, light pressure, etc. and if you're a bit nervous you can tell him that too.

Janet said...

What is it about hiding our undies? I do the same thing! Scalp massage is probably my fave too, I don't wanna talk, but I do like music. First massage I ever had was with a dude. Kinda funny story - could be a future blog post. I never thought about trading for massages before. I might be able to swing that. For a facial too. Hmmm . . .

smith kaich jones said...

Oh. My word verification is India. Oh. I am so happy about that! I also am a twice a month massage person - 90 minutes if I can afford it, 60 otherwise. I like the lights low, no talking, I do like music - slow cellos are perfect, I do shave my legs, even though I've been seeing the same person for years & years. Yes to the uncented oil, yes to heated mattress pads on cold days. Yes to hot stones, on my back, between my toes. Oh my God! Bliss! Every time is a new favorite part - scalp is wonderful, having my ear lobes pulled is fabulous!! Dear Lord, I am so now looking forward to Monday - massage day! And I am so loving this blog & adding you to my bloglist. Clary Sage oil is on my life list, and luckliy I have a friend who owns a health store, chock full of such goodies.

Absolutely so happy to find my way here!

:) Debi

The Fragrant Muse said...

Debi, Musie and I are happy you're here too! How about massaging the EYEBROWS...isn't that the best? Mmmmmmmm
Thanks for the lovely words!