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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morning Coffee Corner

Morning Coffee
Earlier this week, B wrote a post about being the recipient of the Morning Coffee Award by Extranjera. In her blog, B issued a request that I show a photo of where I take my morning coffee (I prefer to "take" my coffee rather than "drink" it. Much more panache, n'est pas?).

I take my coffee in the sitting room of my massage studio because it is the quietest, sunniest, and unquestionably the cleanest room in the house. This is the spot where my massage clients sit when they arrive and we talk for awhile before starting the session. There's something restful and calming about this corner and the view outside is nice, too. It must have good feng shui or something. Maybe being squished in the corner creates a sense of safety.

This particular nook is flooded with sunlight in the morning and there are books and turtles (I have about 200) and the chair is super comfy. It's a serene and restful little corner. I sip my organic french roast coffee with soy milk and honey as I sit and write in my art journal.

So there you have it B! Does this entitle me to a morning coffee award???? (she asks with her head tilted to the side batting her eyes and smiling sweetly).


Dana said...


I cannot figure out how to contact you. I found your website through a Google alert about people who are passionate. I would love to publish an article or articles on your passion(s), on Passionate for Life. You'll get a bio. with link to your site. I prefer one article per passion. ;) I hope you will participate. You may also add your passion comment on our home page.


Dana Hall
Passionate for Life

B said...

I love your coffee corner! You definitely deserve that award. Display it with pride!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Dana - thank you for interest! I'll send you an email!
B - Thanks! Now how do I get it in my side column??

Mrs.Rotty said...

i used to have a chair like that. i miss it. super comfy!!