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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Always Learning

I am a learning junkie. It's hereditary. I come from a family where taking classes and learning new skills was not only encouraged, but insisted upon. My parents figured if they threw enough stuff at us, something would stick. Our home was full of how-to books and the garage packed with the remnants of interests and hobbies come and gone.

I have taken more lessons, classes, workshops and trainings than I can remember. Even today, I'm rarely without some type of class on my schedule. I used to worry about my need for the variety and constant mental stimulation until I read this book.

Here are some of the classes I've taken (outside of high school and college) that I remember off the top of my head:
  • dance (ballet, tap, jazz, latin)
  • art (drawing, sculpting, watercolor, oil. My favorite medium today? acrylics)
  • swimming
  • skiing
  • sewing (made one pathetic dress)
  • horseback riding
  • finishing (good lord do these still exists? table manners, walking, etc. blech)
  • acting
  • judo
  • piano (age 9-17 and I can barely play)
  • clarinet
  • guitar
  • drums (bought a drum kit at age 41)
  • voice
  • cooking
  • cake decorating
  • scuba
  • batiking
  • lapidary
  • italian language
  • greek language
  • many aromatherapy trainings
  • many bodywork programs
  • reiki
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • pilates
  • tai chi
  • creative writing
  • creating miniatures
  • dog training (technically this was Sassy's class but someone had to drive her there and explain to the teacher how her homework went)
  • art journaling
  • pottery (hubby and I did this last month - pics to follow as soon as everything is fired)
  • soul collage facilitator
  • KMCC Creativity Coach training
  • holistic health practitioner training

    (naturally I'm the one smack in the middle)

So what is currently on my calender? A four day Lomi-Lomi massage class in June and an online art journaling class beginning June 1st! ...and I still want to learn fencing, wine tasting, ballroom dancing with hubby and many more creativity classes!

What classes would you like to take?


Beth said...

Wow...what a busy gal you have been!

Scuba...Love it btw..hoping to go to Cayman Islands in the fall
Ballroom Dancing..Ever so much fun!
Puppy Training...twice...

I would love to take a wine tasting class too!!

Other big ones on the list include photography and creative writing!

Hit 40 said...

I have several new electric toys that I had to buy. Oven, camcorder, HP computer, microwave... the pile of instructions are by my favorite reading chair.

The oven is double - one convection and one traditional. So, I need to read up on the new fancy oven. Never used convection.

I would like to take a sewing class.

Seaside Girl said...

oooo...fencing defintely. I've fancied doing this for years. Bit worried that my lack of eye/hand co-ordination might be a bit of drawback but what the heck, they wear masks and stuff don't they...?

rxBambi said...

It's always been languages for me; French, German, Latin...would like more but no time. In fact, I can't remember much of what I knew in the first place.

I'm about to start piano lessons for the first time as my husband just bought us a baby grand. It's used, needs some love and attention, but since no one in the family can play I figured it's a good first piano.

Seaside: my daughter has been fencing for a year and LOVES it!!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Beth: Scuba in the Caymans! Can't wait to read that blog! I never got past the pool!
Hit40: I never thought about reading manuals as a course, but it sure is like taking one, isn't it. Convection ovens are grand!
Seaside: I understand it's quite the workout!
Bambi: I can't remember Greek even though I lived with a greek family one summer. If I remember 1/3 of what I learn I'm happy. Ohhhhhh baby grand! Post pics please!

Anonymous said...

You sure kept busy! I would love to learn karate and spanish!

Janet said...

goodness! just reading that list makes me tired! but i know what you mean, i'm a perpetual "learner" myself. i mean, there's just so much that we haven't experienced or don't know yet!

julochka said...

OMG--i also had a decade of piano lessons and while i can play anything you put before me, given the time to learn it, i can't just sit down and play something! what is that?

by the way, i just blog crushed you. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Finally, I found someone who also is a learnaholic just for the fun of it. Thanks for this post.

B said...

What classes I DON'T take, you should ask! At the moment I'm doing dressmaking, bellydancing, art books, and am also taking that art journaling class! It gets exhausting, but I love it!