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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bean's Day Out

My Nana and Pap call me Bean.
They took me to my first 'musement park yesterday.
Nana says it's the largest free admission
'musement park in 'merica!

Here I am ready to go wearing moccasins my Pap made me.
He's real good at making stuff with leather.
Nana and Pap argued about the 'brella.
Pap said it was a good idea but Nana didn't want to drag it along.
Later, when it rained real hard,
Nana didn't tell Pap he'd had a good idea.
They both knew.

I had fun driving this boat but wanted Pap to let go.
I can steer myself 'cause geez I'm a big boy.
I loved my giraffe ride. When it was over
Nana had to pull real hard to remove me.

Here I am on another boat.
I couldn't take my eyes off the kid behind me. I think it was the hat.

I went down this ginormous slide with my Pap.
I ate a hot dog on a stick.
and fudge
Pap bought funny hats that made people smile at us.

I love balls so this was my favorite game.
When one got stuck in a blue hole, Nana screamed.
I didn't care. I just wanted to throw more balls.

When Nana saw what I won, she screamed again.
She told the ball lady she was 'cited
'cause my Daddy does school at Penn State.
Sheesh Nana, calm down.

I had a fun fun day. I hope we go back again tomorrow.


julochka said...

that is one BIG umbrella. but i'm sure all 3 of you fit under it when it rained. :-)

and i love the cat in the hat hats. they're classic.

and the driving picture is great. he's really a cutie!

did you take these with your new camera? :-)

Chiara.u said...

great reportage of a funny day!!! kids really enjoy these experience... but mom and dad maybe more :)

marinik said...

Looks like so much fun, he's a cutie, love the picture with the umbrella, he looks so tiny next to it :)
I want some of that fudge.

rxBambi said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love how it was told from Bean's perspective. And ditto on the hats :)

JFKlaver said...

This took me back in time, brought up memories of me with my grandparents. Now see, you're making memories. Trust me, he'll never forget.

Janet said...

Now that is sweetness. Looks like you had a grand day!

Just Jules said...

how cute.....

The Fragrant Muse said...

Julochka: We did all fit under the umbrella, but I was so uberworried about my camera getting wet that at one point I let the boys walk in the rain while Nikon and I stayed dry underneath. I'm such a good and selfless woman. And yes, all with the Nikon D60 :-)
Chiara: Yep, kids all have a stunned looked while moms and dads are jumping for joy.
Marinik: That particular fudge is to die for. We got creamsicle and peanut butter.
Bambi: Thanks!
RFK: Yes, I know he'll enjoy these stories when he's older.
Janet: Grand but wearing! We were pooped afterward!
Jules: Cute? Oh you must mean my husband in his charming wife-beater tshirt. I nearly died when I realized that dreaded shirt would be in the pics.

Molly said...

LOVE those hats!

And also, praise be to Grandmama's! Any kiddie who gets to spend time with his/her grandparents is really, really lucky. Especially cool ones like you guys!
My little F gets to see her grandparents once or twice a week and I'm so glad for her. And me ;)