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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom Night

Getting ready at Papa's house.
Last year Mom took a picture while he put on his shoes,
so she did it again this year.
Silly mom.

She remembers the first time he tied his shoes.
Silly sentimental mom.

Parents waiting for the kids to arrive.

Parents taking pictures of each other.
Silly parents.

The kids begin to arrive.

So many pretty dresses.

The self-proclaimed Stud Muffin.
and friends.
The look mom gets when she says, "have fun and be good".
Silly old mom.
She knows better.


Funky Art Queen said...

Sweet and precious memories mom.

Janet said...

I'd say that all those things are part of mom's job. and he looks like a future hunky movie star!

Seaside Girl said...

Blimey. It won't be that long before I am taking photos of my eldest doing all that. Yikes. Scary but lovely seeing them grow up.

The Fragrant Muse said...

FAQ- Sweet and precious indeed. He's my last and I'm holding onto every second.
Janet- I'll tell him what you said. Mostly though, he's the sweetest kid you'd ever want to meet.
Seaside- Scarier for mom when the kids are girls, I think. Seems like yesterday he was born. Clique I know, but true.

rxBambi said...

With 2 daughters and 4 bonus daughters I can say that yes, it's scarier when they are girls. You just hope you taught them the right way to act - both publically and privately! I love looking at the dresses tho, that never gets old! Great pix!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Thanks rxBambi!

julochka said...

aw, so sweet. they don't really have prom here, so i suppose Sabin's not going to have that experience. i think that makes me a little bit sad...