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Friday, May 29, 2009


Today I gave myself the day off and indulged in one of my many therapies: yardsale-ing.

There are two types of people; those who love yardsales and understand the thrill of the hunt, and those who would rather do anything else (my husband).

Here is what I found today that, apparently, I couldn't live without:

I have been on an altered purse kick and as lovely as these are, my intention is to paint them.

I paid $1.50 for the blue liz claiborne and $1.00 for the red leather one.


I broke my last piece of glass cookware yesterday. It was a pyrex bowl and when I dropped it while doing dishes, it didn't just break, it exploded all over the kitchen floor. Today I looked specifically for ovenproof dishes.

I paid $1.00 for the white dish (which has a divider in the middle), 50 cents for the round bowl and a quarter for the square dish which is chipped slightly in the corner. I'll throw it away when I find something better.


Sometimes when I find old pictures or paintings which are framed, I buy them specifically to paint over the existing picture. These two oak frames had photographs in them and they'll be easy to gesso then paint. They looked like they were from the 1960s.

I paid $1.00 for both of these pictures.


This was my best purchase. A battery-operated organ for my Bean. My husband played on it for half an hour when I brought it in. It's like new except for the missing microphone holder.

I paid $5.00 for the organ and stool.


How do you feel about yardsales?


Mrs.Rotty said...

I LOVE yard sales!! because of our weather we don't have them often. i'm all about the markets and such too.

marinik said...

One of my favorite things to do...
I have found such treasures... I buy lots of books, and once I found a little purse, it was like a small flat basket with little embroidered flowers on it, it looked so "vintage" and I pain only $3 for it, I still get so many compliments on it. I love the bags you picked up :)

Extranjera said...

Paint paint or just paint? Can you paint paint on leather (or possibly phleather)?

Actual word as VW. Not good.

The Fragrant Muse said...

MrsRotty: My brother lives in Oregon and is also a yard sale buff (we are very much our mother's children), but I know what you mean about the weather. What type of markets do you like?
marinik: See...isn't it fun? You never know what you're going to find! Thanks! I like these bags too, although they are almost too good to paint. BTW, I'll be posting "after" pics of the purses.
Extranjera! Who woulda thought it would take a yardsale post to inspire you to leave a comment?! ...and I'm tickled down to my secondhand sandals! I paint the bags with colorful acrylics. If the bag is nice, just a touch, but I usually violate the entire bag with a riot of colors. I'm all about color. And yes, you can paint on leather, vinyl, even "phleather" as long as it's prepared first. Maybe I'll do a post on this to explain it.
Thanks for stopping by Extranjera!
WV: etaings (I see eatings)

marathoner81 said...

great finds! I have mixed feelings about yard sales. It's not the yard sales that bother me, rather the people that bug me. If I can get past that, then I'm fine. Really it all depends on my mood.

The Fragrant Muse said...

marathoner: Are you bothered by the people selling or the others buying? If any of the sellers are in the least obnoxious, arrogant or won't negotiate on their stuff I'm outta there. It means they don't get the game.

Dave King said...

Looks like you got some bargains. Got to be for that, haven't you?

The Fragrant Muse said...

Hi Dave (my fellow Libran brother). Indeed, you've got to like the never-know-what-you'll-find adventure in it. And this is how I can spend high dollars on new cameras and such ;-)

Stacey said...

Wow! You really found some bargains! I LOVE a good deal. Not big into yard sales, the bargaining gets to me. I am a terrible bargain-er... (as well as a terrible grammar-er!) I do enjoy the thrift stores, though. Makes me so happy when I find something to bring home that someone else thought enough of not to simply trash. Like giving new life to the Velveteen rabbit! I am currently hunting a glass butter dish with a lid... And do post pics of those purses! I am so curious!

Polly said...

I can never find a good yardsale in my area! I love that red handbag, please don't paint it!

marathoner81 said...

Oh no the people selling are usualy quite plesant...it's the other buyers that I have trouble with.

Fun that you should mention yard sales today. My BF is cleaning out the garage and three people have stopped and asked up if we're having a yard sale. Maybe I should put a sign up and sell what we can. That would move along the cleaning part rather quickly.

McGillicutty said...

I love yard sales they are big business in my little town. We had one once at the same time as we were remodeling the house and people wanted to buy all kids of crazy stuff that the contractors had laying around in the yard including the columns we were about to replace at the front door. You go girl.. I think we need a weekend spot for good yard sale finds!!!

rxBambi said...

Gonna have to side with husband on this one...hate yard saling. Hate having them (last one was when I got divorced in '94 -- sold all my ex's stuff...that was fun), hate going to them. But I'd love to see the handbags after you paint them!

JFKlaver said...

I hope you post a photo after you paint those bags!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Stacey: You know, I never even considered the recycling aspect, but you're right! I also like thrift stores.
Polly: The red bag is cute and like new. I'll probably just paint a small litte something on it. I can never leave anything alone.
Marathoner: Sounds like a sign from above to get selling!
McGillicutty: What a great idea! Have a special feature just for yard/garage/rummage sale finds! How would we do that??
Bambi: I have never had a yardsale. Too stressful. I just give things to the salvation army.
JFKlaver: I will be sure to post pics as soon as they are done!

B said...

Wonderful findings, but I love more the ideas you have for them!
I never find yard sales around here, but I love to find unexpected surprises in second hand shops!

Delena said...

I used to go to them all the time but now since we are on this continual downsizing life style I try to avoid them. My daughter however lives for them. She is lucky to have a boyfriend that is also obsessed with them. They just love wheeling and dealing. Yesterday they bought brand new children golf clubs in the box for 10.00 and another set for 10.00 in a golf bag. All new!

The Fragrant Muse said...

B: Often I look for inexpensive things to alter into something else. This summer it's purses. Last year it was books to alter. I often wonder what people would think if they new I want buying their things just to cut them up and paint over them?!
Delena: I know what you mean about the downsizing. My home is quite full. My son recently threatened me with yardsale intervention! The golf clubs find sounds fun because 1) they are hard to find 2) good prices! That's what its all about!

Amanda said...

I feel exactly like your husband. I don't like to go to them (although I wish I did) and I hate having garage sales just as much. I have vowed to never again have a yard sale.

I take everything to Goodwill (mostly becasue they are open at all hours, and they have a convenient drive thru).

But you, my friend, have made some fabulous finds!

The Fragrant Muse said...

So I'm curious, Amanda, why don't you like them? Is it the notion of someone else's germs? I clorox most things and never buy textiles (except for the bags and the odd new babyclothes). I would never HAVE a yardsale. I know it's not worth my time and energy. Like you, I give to goodwill or to local churches for their rummages sales!

julochka said...

no one ever has a yard sale around here (in this land, as sabin would say). but flea markets abound and that's kinda the same idea, only some of the people can be real antiques dealers and know what they've got, which is reflected in their prices.

i always get vaguely sad at yard sales, and even at flea markets towards the end of the day...the idea of all that stuff that was deemed totally essential at one time is just kinda depressing.

i'm glad you're going to paint over that painting...

julochka said...

i never read the comments 'til after i write mine. i've gotta change that...

you know what i love about this post? i think i recognize nearly all of the names! :-) it's such a community we've got going here. and that's so cool!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Julochka: You know that you are the one who has made up most of this community, don't you??!