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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I've Learned About Owning a Nikon D60

I loved Julochka's post yesterday so much that I've made my own version here.

In the two weeks that I've owned my Nikon D60, here's what I've learned so far:

1. I don't know how to turn off the flash when taking self-portraits in the mirror.
2. I'm too impatient to read the manual and figure out how.
3. It's much heavier than my little compact and I may need to get weekly neck massages.
4. I always know where it is.
5. I'm more protective of my camera than my purse. In fact, my camera case has become my purse.
6. I'm willing to let my husband and grandson walk in the rain while my Nikon stays dry under the umbrella.
7. Don't post pictures without first examining what's in the background. The cat is cute, but no one wants to see your underwear on the bed next to her.
8. Pay more attention to husband's clothing choice before a big day. Wifebeater t-shirts may be sexy at home (and even that is up for debate), but they look nasty in family photos.
9. I get really really really bossy and protective when anyone touches her. Yes, her.
10. When you leave the "on" button in place for 24 hours, it tends to wear down the battery.
11. People act differently when you take their picture with a fancy camera. They may even think you're a professional photographer.
12. Strangers do a double take when you wear the camera around your neck while grocery shopping.
13. I can contort my body in many new positions to get the right angle.
14. I'm can't get used to my nose being smashed against the camera while looking through the viewfinder.
15. I always wonder if I'm doing something illegal when taking pictures of strangers and wonder if I'm even allowed to post them.
16. Pugs don't photograph well 'cause their faces are so black.
17. There is a freedom with a D-SLR that I've never felt with any other camera.
18. When a picture comes out well, I feel like I've given birth to a new baby.
19. It is becoming a new art form for me.
20. It was worth every penny.


julochka said...

1. there is a little button on the lefthand side, kind of right below the flash, it has a little arrow-looking thingie on it. press it down, then using your right thumb, turn the little wheel dial that's on the upper right of the back of the camera two "clicks." if you are watching the screen, you'll see a little icon in the bottom left go thru two modes of auto and then to a little off symbol. it sounds complicated, but you'll get used it and it'll be second nature. you can also choose the landscape mode setting and the flash will never fire. :-)

4. i'm with you there.

5. and there.

10. i wondered how your battery went down so fast.

11. very true. i had forgotten that. it's even worse with the D300, b/c it's even bigger.

12. yup. but i've stopped noticing and/or caring. :-)

14. you will get used to it.

16. our cat, a long-haired tortie, doesn't photograph well either. but that must be the only thing one can say against a pug. :-)

20. amen.

:-) love the list.

The Fragrant Muse said...

I knew you'd come through for me with the flash. See? Why read the manual when I have helpful friends?
Julie, I LOVE this camera! Even the crappy pictures are fun because they delete in an instant.

marinik said...

oh, i know what you mean, having a good camera makes all the difference, mine is a few years older (Canon EOS 10D) but still takes great pix.
love the list :)

The Fragrant Muse said...

Canon's are great, too! I love your photos Mari.

B said...

I just got a Nikon D40 and really like it!!!!! One of the first photos I took was a self-portrait in the mirror! And I was also struggling with the flash but boyfriend helped!
And D60 is probably better for lots of things, but I must say that I love how light the D40 is! I have to keep checking the I still have it, it's so light!
Yay for the Nikon girls!

McGillicutty said...

Way to go it's exciting to have something you appreciate so much, there are few things these days that give you that kind of an adoring feeling (other than family, that's a given). I have kind of a crappy camera and aspire to have something more professional one day (soon I hope) but it takes good pics and I carry it almost all the time now. My shih tzu's are beautiful but look rediculous and ugly what ever you use to photograph them.

smith kaich jones said...

I used to be a Nikon owner until a theif took them away. Now I use our work Canons (a thief took one of them away also), and can add only one thing to your list. If you have long hair, you learn to take a a hair elastic everywhere (I have one attached to my keychain) because you will see something that requires you to bend over & your hair will flop in front of the lens.

Terrific list.
:) Debi

The Fragrant Muse said...

B: YEAH! I can't wait to see lots of new pictures, starting with your self-portrait! And, indeed, yeah Nikon girls! (but we love Canon girls, too!)
McG: Having a new toy is exciting and makes me shiver all over. I think I'm gonna like this one for a long long time. But of course, I'll keep falling in love with it as I buy new accessories!
Debi: This hasn't been a problem because I don't have real long hair. My husband's is halfway down his back (hippie) so HE might need the hair elastic!

marathoner81 said...

I'm jealous all this blog reading make me want to learn how to take pictures.

Hit 40 said...

I have seen a couple photos with mirrors... the person was not dressed all the way or something else really awful was in the mirror. You really have to look over all the details of the picture.

Thank you again for the oil info. I will have a link to your site tomorrow. It will be up for the whole weekend :-)

Janet said...

Ok, now i'm getting camera envy.

love #7! and i've also wondered about taking pictures of strangers and even of buildings. (I work in law enforcement and since 9-11 everyone is so paranoid about anyone even standing around looking at a building, let alone photographing it.)

Janet said...

p.s. looking forward to our next aromatherapy lesson tomorrow! of course i went out and got some clary sage oil. ;)